Do you love industrial pieces to be installed in your home? There are various industrial pieces that will change your room decoration.  However, it will be much more challenging to create an industrial home accent. If you have an old bicycle that is no longer used, take the gears. We can make a useful home item from gears that is easy to make. You won’t believe that your bicycle gear can be made to be a custom-made holder which is aesthetic and functional. Even, you will do it in less than an hour. Check how to make industrial votive holders from Brian Patrick Flynn below!

Super easy diy industrial-chic votive holders 1

Gather the materials that need to make an industrial-chic votive holder. Take bicycle gear as much as you need. It will be better to take the range from two a half inches to six a half inches in diameters. Votive candles, permanent bond glue, and paper towel. These materials are easy to find in the nearest store.

Super easy diy industrial-chic votive holders 2

Clean the gears, wipe excess residue and oil by using paper towel. Make sure that you wipe it clearly. So that the votive gear will look chic and eye-catching. You can use cleanser if it is needed to make the gear shiny. The cleaner the more beautiful your votive candle holder will be.

Super easy diy industrial-chic votive holders 3

Take the glue and assemble the gear one by one from the bigger till smaller. The gears that arranged well will appear in a cool look. Please do it carefully or you will make it messy and should rearrange it again. You are free to create the votive holder in various ways.

Super easy diy industrial-chic votive holders 4

In the last step, you have to insert a votive candle. Make as many as you need to enlighten your room throughout the night. The natural color of gears surely keeps the industrial feeling. You are free to put this votive candle anywhere in your house. Even, it looks awesome in your bathroom to improve it likes a spa room.

Super easy diy industrial-chic votive holders 5

No matter what, industrial pieces look awesome for a boy and girl room. It will work well with other room tones as well. Sometimes people combine industrial and modern, others match industrial and rustic touches. Whatever it is, these votive candle holders will make the room bright in just minutes. So, why don’t you try it soon?


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