As a versatile material, rattan baskets are very useful for different purposes. They are good for home decoration as well. In addition to storage, a rattan basket can be hacked into something new. Rattan baskets can be used as an additional decoration in your home. You don’t need to be worried, with some DIY ideas, you can make the most of your rattan baskets. If you are a crafty person, how to do DIY ideas with rattan baskets is an easy thing.

Actually, there are some DIY ideas with rattan basket. The easiest ways is to use as storage ideas. You can store anything in the rattan basket, such as toys, blankets, pillows, pantry organization, to laundry storage. You can even turn a rattan basket into a vase, planter or hanging planter with a few simple DIY ideas. Moreover, you can use the rattan basket for your lighting fixtures. It can be used as a lampshade or pendant light. For other DIY ideas with rattan basket, you can use it as a mirror, wall art, coffee table, side table, and more. Here are references for you.

Lamp Shade Rattan Basket from thegardengranny 

Rattan Pendant Lamp from thegardengranny 

Potted Rattan Basket from thegardengranny

Standing Rattan Basket Storage from thespruce 

Round Tray Rattan from thespruce

Rattan Pendant Lamp from homebnc 

Rattan Coffee Table from homebnc  Rattan Basket Side Table from homebnc  French Rattan Basket from homebnc 

Rattan Ottoman from homebnc

Rattan Planter from sarahjoyblog  Wicker Rattan Tray from sarahjoyblog Basket Vases from sarahjoyblog  Rattan Wall Decor from sarahjoyblog Rattan Basket Vases from sarahjoyblog  Box Rattan Storage from sarahjoyblog  DIY Rattan Wicker Tray from sarahjoyblog Pillow Storage from sarahjoyblog

Bathroom Storage from diys Numbered Wicker Toy Storage  from diys  Wicker Basket Gardening Case from diys Pillow Storage from diys  Wicker Rattan Vases from diys Box Storage from diys 

DIY Wicker Basket Pendant Lamp from diys

Cube Rattan Storage from architectureartdesigns  White Rattan Storage from architectureartdesigns Shoes Storage from architectureartdesigns Banwood Rattan Basket from architectureartdesigns  Rattan Book Storage from architectureartdesigns  Round Rattan Storage from architectureartdesigns Rattan Basket Wall Art from architectureartdesigns Nook Storage from architectureartdesigns 

Entryway Storage from architectureartdesigns

Pantry Storage  from hgtv 

Nursury Storage from hgtv

DIY Paint Wicker Rattan from homeditToy Storage from diyjoy

Rattan Tray from

Rattan Sun Wall Basket from

DIY Wicker Lamp Shade from shelterness

DIY Rattan Lampshade from shelterness

DIY Dipped Laundry Basket from shelterness  DIY Pastel and Graphic Laundry Basket from shelterness 

Pillow and Blanket Storage from shelterness

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