Redecorate a living room will not be a hard thing to do as long as you have the time, ability, and material. Instead of asking a professional, it will be much more interesting to do it by yourself. Most people want to improve their living room decoration on less budget. So, create DIY items is what you need to do to. In these lists below, we give your recommended DIY projects to improve your living room in less than an hour.

DIY Ombre Side Table

Look at this stump with a rustic feel that will improve your living room decoration. Furthermore, it needs less than an hour to create ombre look. Just make the bottom part of this stump to be smoother and let the upper one as it is.

Scallop Painted Basket

Give a texture to your living room decor is not a mistake. It will upgrade its look with a simple touch. Look at the scallop painted basket painter that looks so interesting in the white color bottom. You only need to paint the bottom part. Isn’t it easy?

Colorful Board For Living Room

Give your living room more colors by adding a sideboard. First of all, you need to paint the board in various colors to get abstract work art. Then, attach this sideboard to the wall over your TV. Then, it will create a huge difference in your living room.

Cool DIY Metallic Chair

Look at the metallic gold legs that spruce up the living room look. Those elements add a luxurious feeling to the room instantly. Furthermore, it is easy to DIY the legs by attaching the gold legs to the chair. What a cool design!

DIY Ladder Shelves

Find put a ladder and paint it in white to get this cool furniture item. Of course, you will not spend much time to get this look. Then, arrange any home items you want on each shelf. Display anything to get an eye-catching living room decoration.

Modern Abstract Art For Living Room

This abstract art is easy to recreate in minutes. You don’t have to think about how to paint it. Just make a rectangular, triangular, or other patterns in a framed work. Put this work of art on the wall. What a cool art is this!

DIY Copper Ladder

In this ladder, you are free to hang a blanket, towel, or anything you want. The copper is easy to find at the nearest store. Or, you can find other ladders to paint it in copper color look like.

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