If you thought hanging a mirror was equivalent to a basic necessity or accessory, think again! Yes, you heard it right! Fen Shui is gaining a lot of attention because of its numerous benefits. And mirrors are a vital part of this concept. In other words, adding a mirror to your home not only beautifies your space it also plays a role in ensuring that your home remains positive. 

Now getting back to where we started! When you add a mirror to your home, make sure you hand it in a place that’s worthy of the reflection. For instance, if you add a mirror opposite to a window, you’ll get an effect of a lovely outdoor setting.

But where to put a custom mirror in your home? You can either make it a functional or a focal point in your room. Whatever may be the case, if you place it correctly, it will enhance the beauty and light in your home. 

In this article, you’ll find more appropriate spaces where you can add a mirror to your house.


Whenever someone thinks about mirrors, bathrooms are usually the first preference. Of course, it gets cloudy after your shower. But can you live without a mirror in your bathroom? Probably not! Experts providing glass and mirror services often suggest placing it over the bathroom vanities. You can even install a side-hanging mirror with flexible arms from the wall. That way, you can even look at the back of your head without any juggle. However, opting for a framed mirror will be an ideal choice if you own a small mirror. 


If you have a large wall, go for the full-length mirror for your bedroom. You can even install one on your closet door. Some even go for the option where they hang a mirror inside their closet as well. Doing so will ease your dressing session. But experts often suggest their clients go for the option where you get enough space to stand back. 

Living Room

If you add a mirror in the living room where it reflects through the window, it will enhance the presence of positive energy in your room and home simultaneously. You can use the mirror to lighten up the dark spaces in your room. Yes, doing so will help you avoid using lights everywhere. You can even place the mirror on the floor facing downwards to halt the negative energy before seeping in.

Near The Front Door

It is quite a fascinating idea if you have the space to hang a wall-mounted mirror near your front door. Doing so will help you do the last-minute checks. You can also place a table or a chest beneath it. Here you can put your keys or deposit mail before coming into the house. You can further enhance the look by adding fresh flowers that the mirror will reflect, making it even more enticing.

Wrapping up

Your home has several places where you can add custom mirrors to enhance its overall look. Besides the options mentioned above, you can also place a mirror in your child’s room, over a desk, or a fireplace. You can further make your hallway look more spacious if you put it in a way where it reflects the light.






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