Creating a gift on your own could be your option as an impressive memory to your friends or family. Moreover, the ideas below are an easy peasy wallet project where some con be done in an hour. All ideas are collected in Super Girls DIY Ideas To Create Unbelievable Chic Wallets.

Bi-Fold Wallet

Bi-fold wallet Super Girls DIY Ideas To Create Unbelievable Chic Wallets


Do you want to have a wallet that can carry a lot of cards with no risk of them sliding out, this wallet could be your option. You will need only to use interfacing for quilting weight cotton. Meanwhile, if you want to use canvas or heavy-weight fabric, just go ahead.

DIY Travel Wallet

Diy travel wallet Super Girls DIY Ideas To Create Unbelievable Chic Wallets


The materials you need to create this travel wallet are 4’’ x 7’’ wool felt or faux leather, contrasting thread, one 6mm antique brass button ball head screwback stud, a pen with contrasting ink to fabric, ruler or measuring tape, 1/8’’ hole punch, scissors, sewing pins, and sewing machine.

Simple DIY Fabric Wallet

The supplies you need to create this simple DIY fabric wallet are two 9’’ x 6 ½’’ rectangles of fabric in two colors for interior and exterior side, two 7’’ x 5’’ rectangles of fabric for pockets, fusible interfacing: two 9’’ x 6 ½’’ rectangles and 7’’ x 5’’ rectangles, sewing machine, thread, iron, and pins.

Easy DIY Zippered Wristlet

This easy DIY Zippered wristlet can be done for a few dollars in less than an hour, what an incredible! The supplies you need are a piece of fabric measuring approximately 10.5’’ x 14.5’’, another piece of fabric for the wrist strap, a piece of medium-weight fusible interfacing, and a 9-inch zipper.

Mini Card Wallet

Check out these simple projects to have a cute little card wallet. It has a combination of fabric, cotton batting, and an antique snap button.

Chic Pocket Laminated Wallet

A chic pocket laminated wallet is a pretty and practical way to have a stylish organizer. Besides. It can be custom-made in less than an hour. The materials you need are laminated cotton fabric, sewing notions, flat clips, and lip balm to make the laminate smoothly move under the presser foot.

Slanted Wrap Wallet

Slanted wrap wallet Super Girls DIY Ideas To Create Unbelievable Chic Wallets


By this, you can bring all your essentials and fit them in a super chic wallet. It is sleek and fun as a slanted wrap wallet that is definitely a stunner. Besides, it also includes an attached loop and makes for more than a great clutch.

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