Making decorations for Christmas is a fun thing to do, but if we always make the same decoration every year, it can be quite boring. So how about trying to make an unusual decoration for this year? We already prepared for you unusual DIY ideas that you can make in your home and obviously they will look awesome and gorgeous. Here are some more ideas for Christmas decorations.

Dog Bone Wreath

If you’re decorating for Christmas then you can’t forget a decoration for your dog.  With these dog bone bows, it will show how much love you have for your dogs. Dog Bone and Ribbon Wreath from @drsuecancervet.

This black and white wreath is made using ribbon and fabric material so that it is simpler and still perfect. The dog bone accent on this wreath will bring out its own charm and can steal the show. Black and White Wreath from @fetchcaninerehab.

This wreath is made using green ribbon and faux dog bone so it will bring a special charm to your home. Made with a DIY project this wreath looks very creative and attractive at Christmas celebrations. Faux Dog Bone and Green Ribbon Wreath from @janeyc1.

Mitten Tree

This Christmas tree was made with a DIY project using wire and mittens so it looks unique and manages to steal the show. Placing it on the table makes it perfectly exposed. White Mitten Tree from @erinandersonartworks.

Use the mitten collection to make Christmas crafts in your home that will look creative. Here you can use it to make a Christmas tree so it will look more festive and suitable for Christmas decorations. Colorful Mitten Tree from @cynthianahcpubliclibrary.

Vintage Luggage Tree

Made with a DIY project using luggage material, it will make this Christmas tree look attractive with a vintage touch. Decorated with string lights will make it look more festive and manage to steal the show. Lighted Luggage Tree from @floralsunshinepdx.

You can use vintage luggage to make a Christmas tree that will bring out the perfect vintage look. It’s quite easy, here you only need to stack the luggage vertically to form a Christmas tree. Black Luggage Tree from @oldcottonwood.

Wooden Spools Wreath

This wreath is made using wooden spools so it looks different than usual. Having a small size makes it very adorable and manages to steal attention. Small Wooden Spools Wreath from @lorabcreateandponder.

Using an assortment of thread to wrap the vintage wooden spools plus rickrack to provide pops color will make this wooden spools wreath look sweet and colorful. Enough to make your daily activity fill with warmth. Colorful Wooden Spools Wreath from @kissourcraftmas.

Holiday Card Tree

Place your cute and sweet holiday card on the wall with the shape of a tree add some ornament or paper star at the top of the tree to make it looks more perfect. Wall Tree from @jlane_p.

Place your cute and sweet holiday card on a wooden board in the shape of a Christmas tree. Having it displayed on the table along with the Christmas tree makes it perfectly exposed and manages to steal the show. Wooden and Holiday Card Tree from @anjelikatemple.

Candy Cane Vase

This flower vase was made as a DIY project using Candy canes so it will bring out an interesting look. Decorated with ribbon makes this vase look more festive and perfect for a Christmas theme. Red and White Candy Cane Vase from @slumberingalligator.

You share the sweetness of candy by having it as a decoration in your home. Make a cute flower vase using candy canes. Then you can use it to display flower arrangements so that it will look more attractive and inspiring. Colorful Candy Cane Vase from @mymapleleafhome.

Citrus Garland

This citrus garland is made with a DIY project that manages to bring freshness to this Christmas celebration. Displaying it on the mantle together with a lighted evergreen garland would make it look absolutely perfect and make the Christmas decorations come alive. Mantel Garland from @brushcreekfarmhouse.

Citrus garland will not only make your air feel fresher but it will also make your house look more perfect. Moreover, the citrus garland will blend well with other decorations, so you do not need to worry this will ruin your effort. Floating Shelves Garland from @ashleyrosemeans.


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