Ask your kids to make Halloween crafts will be a great thing to do. They will love to play and enjoy the moment that they work for. Tell them that Halloween is not as scary as they think. All ghosts they will see later on are fake. Furthermore, they will get more candies and cakes from neighbors. It will be fun and unforgettable. Check out our Halloween crafts below to get more inspiration.

DIY Cute Halloween Stick Puppets

Diy cute halloween stick puppets


Toddlers will love to make these cute Halloween stick puppets. Furthermore, the materials are easy to find and affordable. Take ice cream sticks and paint them in any color you want. Then, draw the spooky face. Easy, right?

DIY Witch Paper Craft For Toddlers

No. She will not give you any curse at all. This is only a papercraft that you can make by hand in minutes. The toddlers will love to create this easy peasy craft. A few pieces of paper and googly eyes will make your room more festive. A real Halloween feels with this simple craft.

Homemade Pumpkin Stamp

Slice half of the apple to make this homemade pumpkin stamp. Feel free to color it in orange, red, yellow, or others. After the pumpkins dry add the googly eyes. Or, you can decorate it as you like. Display this awesome craft on the wall of your kids’ room with other Halloween crafts.

DIY Easy Halloween Slime

Entertain your kids with these crafts. Slimes on the glass jars look cute and spooky as well in your kids’ room. They will happy all hours with these unique Halloween pieces. Slimes are what they love to play with. And, now they see them appear like ghosts, cute ghosts.

DIY Cute Lollipop Ghost

The kids will love to make this craft. A sweet lollipop wrapped in white paper or tissue. Then, draw the spooky face on it. Add a black tiny ribbon. No kid will deny this cute candy this Halloween. They hope to get more and more. What about creating hundreds of them? Are you ready?

DIY Halloween Toilet Paper Crafts

Don’t throw your toilet papers away. They can be repurposed to various functional crafts. In this term, we can ask the kid to make Halloween monsters with them. In a few hours, the cute monster from toilet paper will fill your home. These crafts make your room more festive, don’t they?



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