It isn’t just your hands that should be warm, but your legs as well. After making DIY gloves, it is time for you to create your own legs warmer. Sure, there no expensive materials needed. Take your old sweater and cut the arm parts. Then, repurpose them to make legs warmer. Feel free to add other accessories by crafting and or adding embellishments. Even if those legs warmer without any additional accessories will be okay. Check out our lists!

DIY Leg Warmers With Buttons

Look at these leg warmers that appear so eye-catching with a crochet button. The creator chooses a light brown sweater and cut the arm part. She rolls down the upper part and closes it with a dark brown crochet flower. So cute!

DIY No Sew Leg Warmers

Diy no sew leg warmers

Dark grey colored leg warmers will give our legs warmth during the winter season. You can make it by cutting your old sweater and add some buttons. Or, it will be awesome to get the sweater that already has the buttons. So, you don’t need to add any buttons as accessories.

DIY Leg Warmers For Yoga

Though winter is so cool, it doesn’t mean that we should sleep all day. Exercise or yoga might be good for you to keep your body warm. Make your own leg warmers with a bright-colored sweater to cheer you up. Then, enjoy your yoga time.

DIY Old School Leg Warmers

If you want to go to school, make sure that your tools are ready. Keep your legs to get warm during the school day by wearing leg warmers. Make a pair of leg warmers will not take long hours. Even, a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Easy No Sew Long Leg Warmers

Here are other leg warmers that can be made without sewing. Choose a long version to get your legs comfy even using a skirt. Feel free to choose the color you like. However, bold colored one will work better for the cold season.

DIY Fun Leg Warmers With Ribbon

We promise that you will appear trendy with these leg warmers. The idea of adding ribbon at the bottom of them is awesome. The leg warmers are cute enough to wear for going to school or other casual moments.

DIY Cool Leg Warmers

Diy cool leg warmers

No need for any hard things to do in crafting leg warmers. An old sweater that is not used anymore can such functional. Cut the arms and reuse those parts as the basic materials for leg warmers.

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