A happy married life might be one of the best things for everyone. And, giving gifts will become the easiest way to get it. Anyone likes gifts, especially women. Don’t think about expensive jewelry or a luxurious car. Your wife wight will thankful even if you only give something made by hand. If you are a good crafter or just someone who likes to make something, trying to give DIY gifts for your wife is great. Check out our ideas further and get inspired.

Cute Turtle Ring Holder


Give this cute turtle ring holder to your wife as a gift that will make her feel happy. Yes, it doesn’t have to be in turtle shape. You can create other animals she loves. Just take playdough and shape it to look like a turtle. Then, paint it green colors. Let your lady put on the rings or other small jewelry items on it.

DIY Mug for the Wife

This DIY mug looks so pretty for an anniversary gift. You don’t have to create the mug by yourself. Buy it from the store. Then, customize the pattern by writing “Wifey” or other romantic words you know. She will be so happy with this surprising gift.

DIY Crown for Wife

We guarantee that your wife will love this pretty crown. Furthermore, it is not hard to make this handmade jewelry item. Just prepare the gold leaf and gold adhesive to attach to the gold ribbon. Then make it more beautiful by adding a gold foil brush and star template. Feel free to customize it you like.

Wooden Utensils for the Wife

Those wooden utensils look so admiring, don’t they? You can make the same things using wood-burning tools. Create any pattern that your wife will like. So, they will remember you when using the wooden utensils for cooking the meals. This is an easy craft that a beginner can do it well.

Flower Resin Pendant

What a beautiful pendant is this! You can make this for your wife using her favorite flower. Well, it will need several hours but the result is so admiring. It looks pretty to wear this for a special moment like a birthday or anniversary.

DIY Romantic Picnic Basket Gift

Let’s have a picnic. Make this DIY romantic picnic basket and ask your wife to go picnic with you. Choose the place that will make her pleasant like a beach, park, garden, or anywhere both of you like. This gift is pretty awesome for her.


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