Nothing beats a garland as a winter decoration. The way we arrange garland decoration will give a significant impact on the rest of the decoration around your house. Moreover, you can also use garland to make the rooms feel fresher, or you can also feel cozier and comfier with the nature garland. And here are some garland ideas that you can use for your winter decoration. Take a look at DIY Garland Ideas That Will Make Your Winter Feel Fresher And Cozier.

1. Pinecone Garland

Pinecone is the best choice when it comes to garland decoration. It makes your rooms look natural and warm. Moreover, the blend-with-nature feeling makes you feel cozy. Hang the pinecone garland around your house with brad nail and enjoy the scenery at your house.

2. Garland with Bows

DIY Garland Ideas That Will Make Your Winter Feel Fresher And Cozier


To add more charm to the garland in your house, you can add a bow and balls. As for the color, you can adjust it with your other decoration. We love the red color because not only it looks bright, but it also represents the Christmas color.

3. Citrus Garland

Dried citrus garland combined with greeneries is the most popular choice for winter garland that you can make on your own. It makes the air in the room feel fresh. Moreover, the fading orange color makes it looks even more perfect with the green color. It’s suitable for every decoration in your house.

4. Mitten Garland

You can transform these cute mittens into fabulous and adorable mitten garland. The different pattern and color in the mitten make the garland looks the best. It’s suitable to be put in a plain white wall or in a room with less decoration.

5. Natural Garlands

If you want to feel the freshness of nature and make the air in your house feel fresher, then you need to hang this natural garland in your house. Get the materials around your house and combine them to make this amazing garland and put it in your favorite rooms.

6. Dried Orange Garland

Other than citrus, you can also use it relatively as garland. Yup, dried orange, it will look perfect when combined with greeneries. Hang it around the staircase and you can also add other accessories like a bow, or balls.


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