If you are a gardener and like gardening activities, it means you have complete garden tools for sure. And if you can’t store and organize them properly, it will overwhelm and make it difficult to find the tools you want to use. Therefore, you need garden tool storage ideas. And if you want to save money, some DIY garden tool storage ideas can help you out. When it comes to DIY ideas for garden tool storage, you can find lots of great things you can do with some old items that you may already have around the house. Whether you are looking for ways to repurpose a rake or a way to create a shoe organizer, you are sure to find some good solutions with these creative ideas.

There are plenty easy and creative DIY storage ideas to store your garden tools. One of the best ways to organize garden tools in the garage is by using a pegboard. This tempered hardboard with pre-drilled holes allows you to hang up any tool you have and to keep them from falling out. Then, using shoe organizers to store your garden tools is a great way to free up floor space and keep your garden supplies organized. Another garden tool storage idea is by using repurposed rakes. This is a great way to create storage space without wasting any space at all. You can use wooden bench with storage underneath to store your garden tools. If you are crafty, you can make the garden tool storage from wood pallets. And there are more ideas to come. Furthermore, here are some ideas.

Wood Bench Storage  from balconygardenweb 

Tool Rack Storage from balconygardenweb  Outdoor Hook Garden Tool from balconygardenweb  Floating Wood Pallet from balconygardenweb  Wood Pallet Storage from balconygardenweb  DIY Old Mail Box Storage from balconygardenweb 
Potting Bench Garden Tool from balconygardenweb  Old Rack Garden Tool  from balconygardenweb  Hanging Garden Tool from balconygardenweb 

Over Sized Obelisk from balconygardenweb

Garden Tool Storage from bigdiyideas Repurposed Rake Garden Tool from bigdiyideas Small Storage Shed from bigdiyideas DIY Garden Tool Storage from bigdiyideas DIY Garden Hose Storage  from bigdiyideas DIY Garden Tool Rack  from bigdiyideas Garden Tool Box from bigdiyideas Wooden Pallet Garden Tool Rack from bigdiyideas Pegboard Storage Solution from bigdiyideas Long Handle Tool Storage Rack from bigdiyideasGarden Carryall from bigdiyideas
Vertical Garden Tool Rack from bigdiyideas Garden Tool Rack with Foldable Bench  from bigdiyideas Long Tool Organizer Cart from bigdiyideas DIY Wood Tool Rack from bigdiyideas Garage Garden Tool Organizer from bigdiyideas Lantern Hose Holder from bigdiyideas DIY Wood Garage Storage  from bigdiyideas DIY Garden Hose Holder from bigdiyideas DIY Wood Tool Organizer from bigdiyideas Hancock Shaker Village from bigdiyideas Pallet Tool Rack from bigdiyideas Handle Garden Tool Rack from bigdiyideas

Recyle Wood pallet Tool Storage from bigdiyideas

Paint Garden Tool Storage from decorhomeideas Bucket Tool Basket from decorhomeideas Bucket Hose Storage from decorhomeideas Hook Wall Hose Storage from decorhomeideas Garage Organization from decorhomeideas Garden Tool Racks from decorhomeideasRepurposed Rake Storage from decorhomeideas Organized Garden Shed from decorhomeideas Colorful Pallet Storage from decorhomeideas Pots Filled With Sand from decorhomeideas DIY PVC Pipe Storage from decorhomeideas

Built in Garden Tool Storage from thehandymansdaughter DIY Garden Tool Stoage Rack from thehandymansdaughter Hanging Garden Tool Organizer from thehandymansdaughter DIY Potting Bench with Sink from thehandymansdaughter Pegboard Seed Storage from thehandymansdaughter Cedar Planter Garden Tool from thehandymansdaughter

DIY Garden Bucket Tool from thehandymansdaughter

Garden Tool Bucket  from thespruce Hook Storage  from thespruce Build Racks Into the Fence  from thespruce Pegboard Garden Tool Storage  from thespruce

Garden Storage Bench from thespruce

Garden Tool Rack with Labels from itsoverflowing Deluxe Garden Tool Tower  from familyhandyman

Garden Tool Cupboard  from familyhandyman

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