Are you a teenager? Or, a parent of a teenager? Teenagers should try more crafts to trigger their creative minds. So, they will be a creative generation later on. Doing craft is no need for expensive materials. DIY things from cheap and easy materials are enough. Then, they can make those things in minutes. Asking teenagers to be more creative will make them smarter someday. In this article, we are going to show DIY ideas for teenagers to make. Check out and get more inspiration.

DIY Blanket Makeover with Pom Pom

Diy blanket makeover with pom pom


Look at this pretty blanket. Girls are ready to make this awesome blanket with pom pom on the weekend. If you are one of the girls who like crafting with pom pom, this project will improve your style. Attach pom pom to the blanket by using thread and needle. Then, you will get it more beautiful. Bring this for going on a picnic with your friends.

DIY Easy Rug Tassels

Adding fringe tassels for a rug is a great idea. It will spruce up the rug and make it brands new. Well, it is not a hard project at all. Teenagers only have to attach the tassels to the rug using needles and thread. Even, a beginner will need less than an hour to finish it.

DIY Confetti Tray for Teens

Crafting with confetti is fun. First of all, you need to prepare a wooden try. By mood podge as needed. For a small tray like this, you will need two bottles of confetti. Apply the mod podge to entire the wooden tray surface. Then, pour the confetti on the entire surface. This is a fun and creative idea that anyone can do.

DIY Easy Denim Pocket Organizer

What cool project is this! Making a denim pocket organizer is not just a fun thing to do but also functional. Cut your old pocket denim. Then, attach them to the embroidery hoop. Then, hang it on the wall. Save anything in the pocket such as scissors, pins, or needles.

DIY Cool Multicolor Tassel Earrings

Do you want to look trendy and stylish? Look at these DIY tassel earrings. Those are done in some colors and look so eye-catching. Wearing these earrings for summer and spring styles is a nice idea. Combine them with any outfit you wear.

DIY Wall Accent with Mirror

This is an awesome wall accent. Sure. You can make it by hand as soon as possible. What you need to prepare are a round mirror and red plastic spoons. Attach the spoons one by one to circle around the mirror.


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