Adding a DIY propane fire pit will be a great idea to improve your outdoor living space. In winter, we can make the outdoor area brighter and warmer. Light up your little garden with it and get a conversation with your family on a chilly night. You can make meals and have a small party. Check out our list below! We have collected DOY propane fire pit ideas that will work much better than a grill or stove to make meals outside.

Simple DIY Customizable Fire Pit

Simple diy customizable fire pit


You might have a spacious landscape. It means that you can build a large firepit. Look at this customizable fire pit that is made of bricks. You can use stones as well to get a more natural look. Some black pebbles make it more adorable seen in the picture.

DIY Fire Pit Table

What do you think of this fire pit table? Having this furniture item is a blessing. We can sit on the deck while seeing the sunset. The fire completes the scenery with a warm atmosphere. What is more admiring than this romantic space? Check out here to know more about how to make this fire pit.

DIY Gas Fire Pit From Flower Pot

What a brilliant idea! It is a flower pot fire pit that anyone can make in less than an hour. You will need a flower pot, copper tubing, and other supplies that you can read from Instructables. Having this fire pit will make your outdoor living area bright and warm.

DIY Ceramic Propane Fire Pit

Make your patio looks comfy by adding a fire pit. Look at a ceramic propane fire pit with a circular piece of wood in the picture! Adding it to your backyard might be a great idea. Enjoy every time sitting here by having a simple BBQ party with your family.

DIY Modified Propane Fire Pit

Stay free from smokes! This fire pit will give you a warm outdoor area without some. Having fun here with your family or friend without worrying about your lungs. Change out the wood-burning element for propane power. So, you will get a smoke-free fire pit.

DIY Portable Fire Pit

You will need a metal ammo container to make this portable fire pit. Carry this fire put wherever you go. It is a small fire pit that you can bring on a camping trip. Anywhere and anytime, don’t forget to bring it with you.


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