There is nothing wrong to fill your wall with embroidery projects. However, it has more chances to make DIY embroidery for other purposes. Just like shoes, a pillow, a T-shirt or etc. Other items will look more interesting after you add your own personal touches with embroidery. Of course, it will not need a lot of money to spruce up your things with embroidery. In this article, we give DIY embroidery ideas that will spruce up anything in your home. Check out further below!

DIY Line Embroidery On Pillow

Diy line embroidery on pillow


You can do almost anything to your pillow covers. And DIY line embroidery will be the easiest thing to do this week. What you need to do is not a hard thing. Just take the needle and follow the line pattern that you have drawn before on the pillow cover.

Beautiful Shoes With Embroidery

Well, it looks so genius to spruce up your shoes with embroidery. Feel free to decide the pattern as you like. But, in this picture. We can see that the flowers look awesome. You can try geometric patterns as well for your white canvas shoes.

DIY Cute Embroidery Bag

Do you have a felt bag? It will be much more fun to add an embroidery pattern to it. A felt bag is easy to re-upgrade with any DIY ideas. And, the embroidery felt bag looks nice. Further, it will not need a lot of money. It can be finished in less than an hour.

DIY Embroidery T-Shirt

Embroidery T-shirt is not hard at all. You can apply the simplest embroidery pattern to your t-shirt. Well, it will not consume more time if you choose easy patterns like a baby pig, butterfly, or simple flower. Feel free to customize the size you want.

Cute Embroidery Pins

You will need several things to make these awesome embroidery pins. First of all, prepare the felt. Then, sew the pattern on each felt. Then attach the felt to your jackets, t-shirts, bags, or anything you like. The cute pins will enlighten your day.

DIY Embroidery Jeans

It will be nice to see your jeans with embroidery. Show off your stitching skills and upgrade your wardrobe with embroidery projects is fun as well. Customize the design as you like. You are free to make geometric patterns, flowers, flamingos, or others.

DIY Embroidery Sweater

It is time to upgrade your old sweater look with embroidery. Add some text or other patterns like flowers, geometrics, animals, or more. Wearing this embroidery sweater will make you more confident because it will not be dull anymore.

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