Embroidery crafts are versatile and work for any purpose. Furthermore, embroidery things will never go out of date. You can reuse your old embroidery clothes for the next spring as well. However, it is not an easy project if you have never done it before. A DIY newbie may need several hours to finish one embroidery project but the expert one can finish in less than an hour. If you look for more embroidery project examples, you can check out our inspiring lists below! Remember that an easier way to embroider is by using a quality embroidery digitizing software.

Simple DIY Embroidered Engineer Print

Simple diy embroidered engineer print


The picture shows a pretty DIY embroidery engineer print that spruce up the wall appearance. Those paintings are classic but the embroidery makes it more interesting. Hanging these engineer prints on the wall will fill the space with an artistic look.

Beautiful Embroidered Sunglasses DIY

This project can be done easily even by a DIY newbie. Arrange the embroidery pattern on the sunglasses and adhere it with hot glue. You will never find the same sunglasses. This pretty look is only made by yourself. Cool huh?

Inspiring DIY Wooden Stitched Planter

Adding an embroidery touch to your wooden stiched planter is a great idea. In this picture, we will have a pretty look planter. Furthermore, this is an easy project that a crafter newbie can finish in less than an hour. It has a pretty simple embroidery that doable and affordable.

Mind-Blowing DIY Denim Embroidery

You will need several hours to finish this cool project. White down the message you want or animal pattern or flower pattern on white paper. Then, start to make the pattern. Choose any threads you love. This picture shows the red letters embroidery in a denim jacket.

DIY Sophisticated Embroidery Hoop Clock

Buy the clock machine and hoop to get this sophisticated embroidery hoop clock. Attach twelve buttons to show the time. Feel free to customize the color, size, and shape of the buttons as you like. Then, see the result. Isn’t it awesome?

DIY Embroidering on Sweatshirts

Upgrade your sweatshirts look. Rather than buy a new sweatshirt, it will be better for you to add embroidery to it. DIY embroidery on a sweatshirt will spruce it up and make it appears like a new one. So, decide what patterns you like for your sweatshirts.

White Canvas Sneakers for Spring

No need to buy new sneakers. Your old white sneakers will appear more sophisticated after some embroidery touches on them. Moreover, the sneakers look more expensive.

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