Make your own bag for a vacation by having the DIY bag will be great. A duffel or travel bag is essential when you try to pack for a mini-vacation. The duffle bags below are easy to carry about and simple to make. You can even ask your kids to join in preparing all materials.

DIY Kids Travel Bag

Diy kids travel bag DIY Duffle Bag Ideas For Your Mini-Vacation Time


If you take a family road trip, you can have a travel bag filled with goodies to entertain your kids on the way. The materials you need are a canvas bag, heat transfer vinyl, digital cutter, iron, ironing board, and lots of fun goodies to pack in your kids’ bag. Your kids can put their crayons, drawing books, and other items there.  After that, your kids will feel really on vacation because they have their own travel bag.

DIY Multifunction Map Travel Bag

Diy multifunction map travel bag DIY Duffle Bag Ideas For Your Mini-Vacation Time


It is a multifunction bag as you can mention a toilet bag. This bag is very comfortable to carry your toiletries together like creams, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The materials you need are canvas fabric, scissors, bias ribbon, pins, measuring ribbon, sewing machine, and compass.

DIY Drawstring Travel Bag

Drawstring fabric bags are always convenient when traveling. Why did we say so? Because those bags can be used to hold and organize a myriad of items such as swimsuits, shoes, craft projects, and even dry laundry. The supplies you need to create this bag are fabric, ribbon, ink fabric pen, thread, and also safety pin.

Weekender Bag

This lovely and functional bag comes easy to make and practical. The materials you need are free pattern download, fabric, interfacing, thread, a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, an ironing board, and an iron. You will be very lucky to create this bag as it will keep many of your belonging.

DIY Fancy Travel Bag Idea

It is mentioned as a fancy travel bag to hold your clothes for two days’ vacation. The materials you need for this project are cotton or linen canvas as the main fabric, cotton canvas as interfacing, cotton or other fabric as the lining, matching thread, sewing machine (needle, denim, leather). After that, you also need a needle, zipper, leather strapping, scissors, cutter, ruler, mat, pins, quilting clips, zipper foot, small rivets, D-rings, hooks, iron, ironing board, hammer, and leather punch.

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