Natural things will never go out of date. Anytime you put them in your home, they will add a little bit of a natural tone. Driftwoods are versatile. DIYers use them to make furniture items in terms as chairs and tables. What about using them to make decorative items? Can we? Yes, of course. We will work with woodworking tools. Are you ready? We have collected DIY things from driftwood that will improve your decor. Check them out further and get more inspiration for your project!

DIY Wall Art with Driftwood

Diy wall art with driftwood


If you want to add charm to your wall, this project might be what you need. The driftwood improves your décor into a coastal tone. We will need a canvas with some driftwood to make this wall art. A little bit of ocean paint will be perfect. See the tutorials here

DIY Driftwood Bookshelf

Get a single driftwood from your garden. Then, mount it to the wall. Organize your books on it carefully. Then, you will get a new bookshelf with driftwood that looks rustic but charming. You don’t have to spend much money because the tools and supplies might already be in your hand.

DIY Clock Driftwood

It is a cute clock that will never be left behind. You can make it soon by hand with a limited budget. You will need driftwood in any size you want. Then, add the clock machine. You might need several minutes to finish this project, but you will love the result. Oh, you are free to sell it online too. What do you think?

Driftwood Picture Frame

You will need several pieces of driftwood to make a picture frame. Lay the driftwood out according to the design you want. Use a glue gun to attach driftwood to the picture one by one. It looks so easy, huh? You can do so in minutes because it is not a tricky project at all.

Driftwood Banister

Wonderful! It is just a banister that most of us forget. But, in this term, it looks so admiring. You have to work hard to find driftwood of that size and shape. Consider bleaching it to clean the germ or bacteria. 

DIY Love Driftwood

It looks so pretty to improve your bedroom wall with a romantic item. See the wall art! It shows that the owner has plenty of love. You make it so. Get driftwood in different sizes. Paint half of each driftwood in pink. Hang them in long driftwood. Make sure that you shape them into love.  


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