Do you know that in ancient times mosaic has been used to decorate the castles and palaces of people from the highest social level? Meanwhile, nowadays you can have mosaic creations to beautify your backyard. All the ideas are collected in DIY Delightful Mosaic Decorations To Spruce Up Your Garden Look.

DIY Cylindrical Mosaic Garden Planters

Your garden will look fresh with these DIY cylindrical mosaic garden planters. Basically, these plant holders are made of recycled PVC tubes, all kinds of glass, ceramic, plastic pieces, seashells, and tiles glue. When you have created this, you will have a favorite garden plant holder that is unique and reflect the sunlight in a magical way. The supplies you need to create this are mosaic tubes, mixed raw materials of special shape (tiles, broken ceramics, pebbles, snails, shells), grout, tile or mosaic adhesive, and PVC pipe.

DIY Mosaic Lady Bugs

Diy mosaic lady bugs DIY Delightful Mosaic Decorations To Spruce Up Your Garden Look


These mosaic ladybugs would look cute in any outdoor space. Besides, this project is also applicable for your kids to join you. The materials you need to create this idea are a concrete mix, a tub for mixing concrete, a bowl for shaping, a marker, colored tiles, glue, and a trowel.

DIY Dragonfly Mosaic Garden Decoration

Do you know that scrapped pieces of glass, gems, tiles, and beads can be skillfully arranged on a stone or any flat surface to form the image of various beautiful creatures? This piece will work pretty perfectly on the porch and will be great as a gift as well.

DIY Mosaic And Metal Outdoor Table

This idea will give you a significant factor to renovate your old outdoor furniture. You can use sea glass, shells, and broken pottery to glue on the table board. The supplies you need to create this are table, mosaic tiles, sea glass, tile adhesive, grout, sealant, tiling sponge, tile trowel, and grout bag.

Trendy Glass Mosaic Patio Table

This trendy glass mosaic patio table decorates your outdoor furniture in a good way and also durable. You can use this for a table countertop, then mosaic tiles will protect the wood surface from wear.




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