You shouldn’t have to be afraid of ghosts. On Halloween, there will be more ghosts in your home though they are made by hand. If you don’t want to spend more money to turn your home into a haunted house, these DIY items might what you need to make. Furthermore, the materials are easy to find in the nearest store. Let see our lists below to get more inspiring ideas for Halloween decor!

DIY Spooky Foliage Wreath

To get a haunted house look, you shouldn’t have to invite ghosts into your home. This minimalist Halloween wreath is enough. With its simple and natural appearance, the wreath shows that spooky is about dark and shadow.

Diy Skull Vase For Halloween Party Decor

Use this DIY skull vase for your centerpiece will give a haunted feeling into your home decoration. The creator makes this skull vase with some white petals. Those items bring this decoration into a more eye-catching Halloween decoration.

DIY Waterproof Paper Lanterns

Though Halloween is about dark and ghost, you still need lanterns to give light in the house. These DIY waterproof paper lanterns will not only make the room brighter but also look interesting. For the one who wants to create a simple decoration for Halloween, try this.

DIY Halloween Skull Centerpiece

The skull centerpiece looks so creepy. Halloween will never make you upset. See how the designer arranges the skulls and candles beautifully. The dark fabric surrounding adds more haunted feelings more than you think.

DIY Spooky Halloween Hand Soap

Imagine that this Halloween hand soap will change your home decoration. The eyes look so creepy but cute as well. Add more accessories like colorful spiders, skeleton, and more. Make sure to put this soap in a room with dark lighting.

DIY Cute Halloween Skulls

Well, you are free to install colorful skulls to get a different room decoration. When other rooms look dark, this space tells you another side of Halloween. Look at these skulls that are done in gold, white patterned, and cute look with a mustache.

Halloween Ghost Balloons

What about this decoration? Anyone can do these DIY Halloween balloons even for the first time. Just blow some white balloons and draw three black spots. Add white ribbons to make them look like real ghosts. Then, tie them with white rope and attach them anywhere in your house.

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