It is nice to have a house with your personal touches inside. One of the easiest ways to refresh your home decoration is by adding some DIY pieces. Sure, it will easy and budget-friendly to do. Even, you don’t have to buy any new things to upgrade your decor. Just use anything in your storage. You can get the material on a garage sale as well. In this article, we give you ideas to refresh your decor in minutes that will not cost much. Check out further!

DIY Easy Wall-Mounted Easel

DIY Easy Wall-Mounted Easel


This is not a big project at all but give a big impact on your wall decor. This simple wall-mounted easel works well for any home style. Even, you can attach this to any blank wall in your home. Feel free to use this easel to display your kids’ projects or anything.

DIY Pretty Patterned Dresser

Well. There are no hard things to do to get a pretty patterned dresser like this picture. You only have to attach the wallpaper to each dresser. This a smart solution to upgrade your furniture without using a hammer or nails. Sure, you just need glue.

Side Table Books

Look at this awesome side table that made of books. If you have dusty encyclopedia books, why don’t you use them to make a side table? Dig a hole in each book, line up the holes, and twist the books. Make them stable with a dowel through each book’s center.

DIY Suitcase Table

You can make this simple nightstand with simple steps. Add legs to support suitcase. Fill it with blankets or anything to keep it stable. Feel free to paint the legs in any color you like. This suitcase table is easy to make and budget-friendly.

DIY Ruffle Accent Lamp

What a cute table lamp for your bedroom! It looks interesting with DIY ruffle. The materials needed are an old lamp, linen fabric to make the ruffle, and a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the lamp. Put this on the desk to give a romantic feel.

Shutter Side Table DIY

Do you love a farmhouse style? Look at this pretty shutter side table that will improve your home decoration instantly with a traditional feel. Don’t throw away your window shutter. Repurpose it to make a new side table. You are free to repaint the table in your favorite color as well.


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