Improving home decor isn’t mean spending a lot of money. There are many DIY things you can make. Change the window decor to get a high impact. Sometimes, people don’t recognize that window decor creates a vital difference instead of the wall. Changing the curtain will create a different tone as well. We have cracked down DIY curtain ideas that are convenient and generous. Check them out further and get more inspiration below!

DIY Vintage Scarf Curtain

Diy vintage scarf curtain


How many old scarves are in your closet? Why don’t you turn them into a more useful thing? Look at the vintage scarf curtain that is so impressive. Making this project is super easy. You only need to attach the scarf by sewing. Then, you will get a pretty scarf curtain for your window.

DIY Vintage Crocheted Curtain

What do you think of this curtain? It looks so simple with crochet details at the bottom. Feel free to customize the size and pattern according to your window. Those crochets will add personal character to the curtain. No one else has the same curtain as yours. It gives a unique and beautiful look to your private room.

DIY Curtain with Lace Trim

A white curtain for a window will add an elegant look. Furthermore, adding it with lace trim will create a shabby-chic look. It helps the owner adds lengths to the curtain without looking too much. You can do so for your curtain. Feel free to customize the color and size. The lace trim will make your curtain more stylish.

DIY Stripe Curtain with Tassel

It looks so wonderful to have this curtain in our home. Let’s see the stripes that remind us about a beach house style. Then, the tassels are beautiful. Buy them will cost much. DIY tassels will be so much worth saving our money. Having this curtain will make us feel like living near the beach. 

DIY Macrame Curtain

Do you love boho styles? This DIY macrame curtain will give a boho tone to your home. Add this macrame curtain after a basic white curtain is a way to tell more privacy. It isn’t only for the window but also an alternative for the door.

DIY Burlap Curtain

What do you think of this curtain? It is cool, isn’t it? Applying this curtain to a window in the kitchen will give a rustic touch. If you love rustic tones, this DIY burlap curtain is the key to changing your window decor instantly.


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