To protect your climbing plants from damaging, you need to make a trellis. Your vertical growing plants need something to support its growing. So, you need to make trellis for maintenance your climbing plants. Whether it is fruit or vegetables, as long as it is one of climbing plants you need to give more attention. Here are some DIY trellises to try;

Pallet Garden Pumpkin Trellis



Prepare some wooden pallet to make this pallet garden pumpkin trellis. It is not hard to make this pallet, but you need to have basic carpentry skill. You are pleased to use this trellis for your climbing plants of fruits or vegetables.

Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo trellis


You can use bamboo for your climbing plants trellis as well. Make the bamboo into triangle with tying the top of it together. You are pleased to add some bamboo for make the triangle stronger in supporting the climbing plants.

Bike Rim Trellis

Bike rim trellis


Are you busy enough this week? Don’t worry this bike rim trellis project is easy to do with simple step and little time. What you need to prepare is bike rim and rope. This trellis is good for peas and raspberries to keep growing.

Been Pole Teepee

Been pole teepee


Been pole teepee will be a great project with your children this week. You only have to make the pole of teepee and arrange the framework. After that, you can tie off the end of the top poles. Then, plant the seeds with your children and let it grows.

Curved Trellis

Curved trellis


If you have a climbing fruit plant, this curved trellis may be good for your garden. It is not only function as trellis but also can be as a gate as well. Just make it with some bamboo that already cut into some pieces and plant it like a curve.

Wooden Trellis

Wooden trellis


You need to collect some wood to make rectangular trellis. Then, use rope and wire to make the pattern.  Some climbing plants will go rapidly with this trellis. Make sure to maintenance the plants and water it regularly.

Vine Ramp Trellis


With this vine ramp trellis you can plant two kinds of plants in one place. Just grow your vegetables on the top and lettuces underneath of it. See! In one time, you will get two kinds of plants. Don’t forget to water it to let grow well.

Tomato X Trellis

Tomato x trilles


Do you want to have more tomatoes? This trellis will support your tomatoes plant grows rapidly with more vigorous and healthier. You have to prepare wood to make this X trellis. Let your tomatoes grows and maintenance it well every day.

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