Even a cat needs to sleep well during a winter day. Have you prepare their bed to get sleep tonight. It will be so much better if you make a cat bed for it. Usually, a cat sleeps almost 20 hours a day. A comfy and peaceful bed is what it need s to sleep well every day. In this section, we share with you DIY cat bed ideas to create in winter. Check out!

Cat Bed Of a Wooden Basket

Look at this hanging woven basket that makes the cat feels so cozy. This rustic bed will never look out of date because of its natural material. Hang this bed anywhere in your house, but near the window is the best place. So, the cat can see the view outside.

A Round Cat Bed

A round cat bed

Wee. It is free to decide what patterns and colors that you want to use to make this round cat bed. However, you should able to work with a sewing machine. We love the combination of a plain and patterned fabric of this cat bed.

Creative And Fun Cat Bed

This eye-catching cat bed will also improve your room decoration. You will love the eyes, nose, and mouth shaped like a real cat. Put on a pillow for the cat to sleep. No machine needed to get this awesome look. Just draw the patterns by hand.

DIY Cat Bed Of a Suitcase

This is a super easy project that you can do in less than an hour. Just open a suitcase, add the pillow, and let the cat sleep well. Put the bed near a window to let it gets better natural sunlight and see the wonderful view outside.

With Unique Kitty Shape

Find a fabric with kitty shape patterns that will look much better. Create a hole at the center of it to put on the pillow. This is not only a bed but also a shelter. So, your cat will sleep well and stay safe all day and night. We love the color too.

Cat Tent To Add Privacy

Well, it looks so nice for your cat to sleep in this cat tent. Of course, you will need more budget to build this awesome shelter. However, you cant will get the best place to take a rest.

Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock Bed

Let your cat gets a better sleep time at this hammock bed. It is easy to make in less than an hour. Just hang the hammock anywhere in your house. But, give a climbing space for it goes up.

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