Coppers are the new black. Copper plumbing pipes are the material for creating DIY projects with industrial tones. Furthermore, those give more luxurious feelings without looking too much. Is there a copper pipe item in your room? It will dramatically become the focal point of your decor. We have gathered DIY projects made of copper pipes to inspire you. Most of them are easy and affordable to copy. Everyone can make them in minutes. Check them out in the list below.

Shiny Toilet Paper Holder

Shiny toilet paper holder


Change your collection of pipes and elbows to become a more functional item. This shiny toilet paper holder is one thing that is easy and affordable to make. A beginner can finish this DIY project in minutes. Then, it will make your bathroom look more eye-catching. Make sure you have the supplies and follow the instructions.

DIY Contemporary Coffee Table

Buy 1/2-inch Type M copper pipes to make this contemporary coffee table. Those pipes are cheaper than other copper pipes. Build the copper base and a solid top. You can use copper tube straps to make the legs stable. Customize the leg amounts with the table size. The longer the table, the more copper legs you need. This copper table works well for any home style. Even if your home isn’t industrial, you can still use it.

DIY Minimalist Pencil Holder

Cut a piece of copper pipe into seven equal lengths. Feel free to customize the numbers according to your necessity. You don’t have to paint the copper pipes because those are already interesting. Attach them using hot glue. This minimalist pencil holder will make your desk looks more decorative. 

DIY Geometric Lighting Fixture

Upgrade your bedroom by adding a more personal thing. This DIY geometric lighting fixture looks so gorgeous for your lovely room. Cut a copper pipe into equal pieces. Then, use those to make triangles with copper wire. Attach the triangles. Then, insert the pendant light before you finish the shape.

DIY Copper Pipe Table

Need a new table? Why don’t you make it bu hand? Nowadays, a DIY table should be more popular than the one from the store. You can try to make this DIY copper pipe table. All you need are just copper pipes, elbows, and leather weaving. Create the base and solid top. After finishing the legs, attach the leather to the countertop. 


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