Adding more indoor plants inside will improve your interior design to the next level. It is not only beautiful but also functional. The plants will give the room a fresher atmosphere and give a natural touch. Every morning, seeing plants inside also can boost our mood. The more plants, the better your interior design will be. However, you will need more tree vases. Check out our inspiring cheap DIY tree vases below that you can make in minutes.

DIY Twine-Wrapped Vase

Diy twine-wrapped vase


To make this simple but interesting DIY vase, you need to collect a roll of thick twine, a tall glass vase, and hot glue. All of those supplies can be found easily in your dollar store. Don’t worry all of them are cheap. You can finish this project only in minutes.

Photo Memory Vase

Look at this chic vase that will make your interior design look more festive. The family photos are attached to vases. With this term, you need not buy a photo frame at all. Then, you can keep your happy memories in a unique way.

Makeover Rustic Vase

Makeover rustic vase


The crafter uses some lattice jute ribbon to spruce up the rustic vase. Or, you do another thing like this picture. It shows a vase with a message that tells how you love someone. Feel free to customize other styles to upgrade your rustic vase look.

Gold Tree Vases

What a glam vase is this! You can get this awesome gold tree vase for less than $10. Just prepare a long glass and use gold spray paint to give a golden touch. Then, you will get this glam vase for your room. Add some blooms and put them on the desk.

Beautiful Plaid Vase

What about these plaid vases? To make a plaid vase, prepare a glass and wrap the appearance with patterned wrap paper. Sure, you are free to apply other patterns but a plaid vase will improve your interior look instantly.

Gold Color Block Vase

This gold color block vase will give a different look to your interior design. What you need to buy is gold spray paint, some masking tape, and a clear matte enamel. This pretty glam vase is easy to make and you can finish in minutes.

Awesome White Vase

Find a unique vase as seen in this picture in a dollar store. Then, add some pearl stickers to give more texture. This awesome vase works well for any room. Put on your green plants, succulents, or cacti will be a great idea.


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