A chandelier will dramatically change your home decor atmosphere. Though it is only a little home item, its existence spruce up your decor. Whenever you add a classic chandelier, it will give your home a warm feeling. When you install a bright chandelier, it will make your home looks so attractive. However, buying a chandelier will spend a lot of money. What about creating a DIY chandelier? Is it possible? Well, in this article we will give you our DIY chandelier ideas. Check out!

DIY Paper Chandelier

Diy paper chandelier


Prepare embroidery hoops and the frosted-weight text paper to make this awesome DIY paper chandelier. Cut out the paper with any shape you want. Even, you can ask your kids to make the chandelier with you.

Cute Pom Pom Chandelier

Spruce up your baby’s room by adding a cute pom pom chandelier. Making this craft is not hard to prepare colorful pom pom balls that you can buy easily at a thrift store. Then, take embroidery hoops. Attach the pom pom on the hoops. Make it more interesting by adding some tassels.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

This chandelier works well for a living room or dining room decor. Cut wine bottles into half as many as you need. Paint the wine bottles with a mode podge and add lighting fixtures. Then, hang the chandelier on the ceiling. It will make the room brighter and prettier.

DIY Rustic Chandelier

Cut out wooden cedar into small pieces. Then attach them one by one to create the shape you want. Hang this chandelier with a golden chain. Put this chandelier in the backyard, front yard, or in the dining room. The rustic theme, make it stands out.

Macrame Boho Chandelier

The combination of two embroidery hoops creates such a great chandelier. This craft is easy and affordable to make. Even, a DIY newbie can make this in minutes. Hang this chandelier in the living room or by the window or anywhere you want.

DIY Wagon Wheel Chandelier

This mind-blowing chandelier works well for any home decoration. No matter industrial, rustic, contemporary, or even modern style. Wagon wheels and mason jars make the room looks bright. You will need rope to hang the mason jars on the wagon and chains to hang the chandelier on the ceiling.

DIY Wood Chandelier

The frame is made of a wooden poplar board that is stained. Then, a simple pendant light kit is set in the center of the frame. Cool, huh? This chandelier will be great to put in the kitchen or dining room.

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