DIY carved pumpkins are a great way to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere this year. These are one of the most iconic Halloween decorations. Carved pumpkins are usually lit with candles and are perfect for lining a path for trick-or-treaters and partygoers. You can use a few simple tricks to carve the pumpkins for a haunted Halloween this year. Creating a  DIY carved pumpkin is an easy process that can involve the whole family. So, this is such a pleasant project to celebrate Halloween this year.

In order to create a carved pumpkin, there are some haunted and fun designs that you can choose from. For the scary design, you can carve the pumpkins into a monster, clown, witch, ghost, skull, and more. Moreover, a fun carved pumpkin will create a whimsical look into your Halloween decoration. For example, you can make a face theme, fall leaf, bat, googly face, and more. And of course you can carve a pumpkin into a lantern. A Jack-O-lantern is the most popular lantern for Halloween. And there some Jack-O-lantern face that you can choose from. Furthermore, you can carve the pumpkin as a candle holder. Then to add a spooky vibe, you can add a fake blood on the surface of the pumpkin. If you need more ideas, take a look at these ideas below.

Diorama Carved Pumpkin  from homedesignlover

Peekaboo Carved Pumpkin from homedesignlover

DIY Pumpkin Craft from homedesignlover

Skeleton Carved Pumpkins from homedesignlover

Pumpkin Teeth from homedesignlover

Carved Gourd from homedesignlover

Lollipop Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Halloween Kitty Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Vampire Pumpkin Candles from homedesignlover

Vine and Leaf Carved Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Face Carved Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Leaf Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Haunt Carved Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Halloween Town from homedesignlover

Sweatheart Halloween Pumpkin from homedesignlover

Stacked-Pumpkin Statue from onekindesign Angler Pumpkin from onekindesign Face Off Pumpkin from onekindesign Pesky Puny Pumpkins Attack from onekindesign Sick Carved Pumpkin  from onekindesign DIY Hungry Pumpkin from onekindesign Stitched Jack ‘O Lantern from onekindesignZipper Pumpkin from onekindesign Drilled Pumpkin Light  from onekindesign

Pumpkin Monster from onekindesign

Clown Pumpkin from onekindesign
Pumpkin Eyes from onekindesignHallowen Pumpkin Lantern from onekindesign Witch Pumpkin from onekindesign Canibal Pumpkin from onekindesign Black Pumpkin from onekindesign Googly Carved Pumpkin from onekindesign Corny Jack O’ Lantern from onekindesign Whiskers Pumpkin from onekindesign Bejeweled Spider Pumpkin from onekindesign

Scary Pumpkin from onekindesign

Midnight Owl from diycandy Pennywise Carved Pumpkin from diycandy Halloween Cottage Pumpkin from diycandy Mummy Carved Pumpkin from diycandy Carved Boo Jar from diycandy

Pumpkin Pigtails from diycandy

Ghostbusters Logo Carvingfrom digsdigs Slimer Carved Pumpkin from digsdigs DIY Carved Pumpkin from digsdigs Monster Carved Pumpkin from digsdigs Monster Pumpkin from digsdigs White Carved Pumokin  from digsdigs White Jack O Lantern from digsdigsHalloween Pumpkin Carved  from digsdigs Pumpkin and Gourd Carved from digsdigs Oversized Teeth Pumpkin from digsdigs Spooky Carved Pumpkin  from digsdigs Jack O Lantern  from digsdigs Lemon and Pumpkin Carved from digsdigs Skull Carved Pumpkin  from digsdigs Large Carved Pumpkin from digsdigs Halloween Pumpkin from digsdigsDIY Halloween Pumpkin  from digsdigs

Spooky Pumpkin Lantern from digsdigs

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