You might find cheap canvases at a dollar store. What can we do with them? Some people show their canvas with expensive value. Unfortunately, we are not in that kind of circle. So, we should be more creative in changing that dollar store canvases into some things artistic. Well. Let’s grab some paints and change them to look more artistic. But we aren’t artists. No matter. See the list below. There are canvas art projects that are easy to copy. Check out!

Painted Brick Canvas Art



What do you think of it? The canvas shows a wonderful brick pattern that improves the wall decor. It is something that anyone can recreate as soon as possible. You will need tape, paints, and a canvas. Start by applying the tape and painting it. Whenever it dries, omit the tape and change it with white lines using paint.

Tiny Butterflies Canvas Art

Paint the canvas blue or whatever color you like. Then, make butterflies from craft paper. Attach the butterflies one by one to it. Well. This project might take several minutes. But it doesn’t matter because the result will be great. Check out here to see more about the detailed instructions.

Polka Dot Circle Tree

Use your hand to paint the white canvas with a tree trunk pattern. Add circles as much as possible. Add some white dots to make your painting looks fun. This project is easy to recreate. No difficult technique. See the tutorials here and make it in your version.

Herringbone Canvas Wall Art

Let’s gather the tools and supplies. We will need scrapbook paper, mod podge, foam brush, canvas, and scissors. Start by cutting the scrapbook paper into some rectangular shapes. Then, attach them one by one to the canvas using mod podge. Let all pieces dry for some minutes. Check out more instructions here and create a herringbone canvas art in your style.

DIY Decorative Ruler Canvas Art

What do you think of this vintage art? It is made of a dollar store canvas with a wooden ruler. You will love making this project if you a fan of classic things. Since the tools and supplies are easy to buy. You don’t need to spend much money. Check out the instructions here.

DIY Nautical Canvas Art

Wonderful. This canvas art will improve your home decor in spring or summer. Drawing wooden anchors on the canvas is not hard. Even the line underneath reflects the nautical theme perfectly. It is a simple painting but looks so great.


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