Do you like reading? You will need more bookcase to save your books. However, it will be a problem when you don’t have enough space. Building a built-in bookcase might become the solution. Don’t worry! If you have at least basic woodworking skills, you can make a DIY built-in bookcase in several days. You get the bookcase you want with your personal touches. In this article, we are going to show DIY built-in bookcase lists to inspire you. Check out the pictures below!

DIY Custom Built-in Bookcase

Diy custom built-in bookcase


This bookcase is great to build in the living room. So, the guests or your friends can see how you love to read a book. Find the empty wall and add the built-ins with some shelves. Feel free to put other things besides books like artistic pieces or plants.

Built-in Bookcase With Electric Fireplace

Look at the white cabinet that is elegant with an electric fireplace. No one wants to replace the color because it is really nice. We love the farmhouse touch as well that looks unexpected but nice. Save more books here and read your most favorite one.

Simple Kitchen Built-in Bookcase

What do you think? This simple kitchen bookcase is built under the island. Who says that there is no need book in the kitchen? You can save your cooking recept books here and see them whenever you want. It will never break your kitchen decor.

Built-in Bookcase with Sconces

It seems like you are in an antique library. We love the sconces that will never out of date. Save more books here and read anytime you want. However, to build this built-in bookcase you will need more days and advanced woodworking skills.

DIY Open Built-in Bookcase

In this bookcase, you are free to install other accents. See the picture that shows a cool decoration with more plants. Arrange your book in an artistic style to get a beautiful bookcase appearance. Read anytime you want.

Lovely White Bookcase

In this photo, we see a lovely white bookcase that bright and airy. Reading a book in this space will be much more fun. Even, it will boost your mood because of the warm and welcoming feel. Spending more hours here will not make you bored.

IKEA Hack Built-in Bookcase

This is a serenity space to read a book. IKEA hack built-in bookcase will never make you upset. As we see here, the bookcase looks awesome with a wonderful lighting concept. Just enjoy your reading time.

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