Everyone has friends. Even some others can’t live without friendship. We laugh, smile, cry, and give support to each other to gain our dream with friends. Those’re what friends are for. So, why don’t we show our attention to them by making crafts that show our personality touches? In this article, we have pretty bracelets that can easily be made even if it is the first time. Let us see further below!

Cute Button Bracelet

Cute button bracelet

A bracelet with colorful accents looks so awesome to show how we love our friend. Wearing this bracelet with a friend is so much fun. It shows our happiness, sadness, and braveness. The button adds a cute feel. Feel free to apply other buttons to get a different feel.

Easy Two-Color Bracelet For Friends

Easy two-color bracelet for friends

Create an embroidery bracelet is not hard actually. As long as you are able to move your finger smoothly, the bracelet will appear stronger. Feel free to choose the color combination. In this picture, the creator uses pink and blue.

Macrame Knots Bracelet

Macrame knots bracelet

You can make a bracelet from macrame knots as well. When usually people use macrame knots to create a hanging planter or wall accent, we can have a beautiful jewelry item from those materials. See how beautiful this macrame knots bracelets.

Embellish Friendship Bracelet

Embellish friendship bracelet

Do you want to come to a summer party this week? Wear these embellish bracelets that will make you look shiny. We love the color combination that shows neon feeling. See how creative the creator of these bracelets with snails, pom pom, and stuff.

Bracelets From Old T-Shirts

Bracelets from old t-shirts

Braided bracelets from old T-shirts can upgrade you and your friend’s style. They are easy to make in less than an hour even in minutes only. Choose an old T-shirt with bright colors to create bracelets like what we see in the picture.

Fishtail Bracelets

Fishtail bracelets

Theses v-shaped design that resembles with fishtail looks awesome for summer style. Combine these bracelets with any outfit as you like. Furthermore, you are free to wear these bracelets for going to school as well. So cute and chic for casual occasions.

Various Sized Bracelets

Various sized bracelets

Combining some types and sizes bracelets in a hand will be so awesome too. Make sure that you and your friend at least one same type and size bracelet. Show anyone that you have a great friendship that no one can break. So, just be more creative to get a cool bracelet.

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