We need to improve our room decoration periodically. Due it is a place that is so much important for us. There, we spend more hours sleeping or do our project every day. By redecorating our bedroom, it will change its atmosphere. A boring bedroom will not make us comfy. To gain a cozy bedroom, it doesn’t have to buy expensive furniture, you can make DIY bedroom things that are easy and affordable. Check out our inspiring DIY things to bring your bedroom to the next level.

Amazing Lava Lamp

Amazing lava lamp


This entertaining lamp will not break up your bedroom decor. You need to prepare a glass bottle, food coloring, water, clear oil, and, effervescent antiacid tablets. Put all the materials in the bottle. Put the flashlight at the bottom of the bottle.

DIY Jute Twinkle Lights Shade

These twinkle lights are not only luxurious but also rustic. Having these lamps in the bedroom will improve the decoration directly. Made of a glass tube covered by jute rope, this lamp gives a new level to your bedroom. Make as many as you need with this budget-friendly project.

Macrame Hanging Planter DIY

Having this macrame hanging planter will upgrade our room decor. You can make this in less than an hour. The pot which is hung with a red macrame looks so gorgeous. Feel free to plant succulents, herbs, flowers, or anything you want.

DIY Pouf For Bedroom

Prepare 1 yard of fabric, scissors, and cube or footstool. Cut the fabric to make the box. Then cover the entire footstool surface with that fabric. Don’t forget to add the zipper to ease open it again. Put this pouf anywhere you want. Sure, this simple idea dramatically changes your bedroom tone.

Interesting Yarn Chandelier

You can utilize yarn, balloons, and a glue mixture to get this interesting yarn chandelier. The one who loves more colors will adore this chandelier. Cover the balloons with yarn after you put on the glue on them. Then, hang all balloons with different colors on the ceiling. Using these for a party decoration is a great idea too.

DIY Branch Hook Idea

What do you think of this DIY brach hook? It appears so elegant and luxurious for a room, doesn’t it? You can make a similar branch hook as well. Take a branch from your garden or you can get it from a  thrift store, and paint it in white. Then, add yarn to spruce it up.

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