We might feel bored to see our old bed frame. Buying a new bed frame from the store can get really expensive. It will be much better for us to build a DIY bed frame. We are free to customize the shape, size, or even color. There is a lot of advantages to building our bedframe by hand. In this article, we show you examples of DIY bedframes to inspire you. Check them out further below!

DIY King Bedframe

Diy king bedframe


If you have a king bed size, this DIY king bedframe might work well with your plan. In this picture, we see that the creator builds a raised frame with legs using woods. With this natural and strong bedframe, the bed looks awesome without a headboard.

DIY Pallet Bedframe

Consider making this awesome DIY pallet bedframe with strong woods. Arrange the pallets one by one and make the bedframe. You will need a hammer and some nails to make it stronger. After that, paint the pallets in white or any color you want.

Wood Pallet Bedframe With Storage Space

If you need more space to store your things, this wood pallet bedframe might what you need. Made of some wooden pallets, this bedframe gives more space as storage. You are free to put on your clothes or bags, or shoes under the bed.

Bedframe and Headboard

Well. You need at least basic woodworking ability to build this awesome bedframe. It has a headboard as well with the same material. However, building this pretty bedframe will need more days to finish. Just make sure you have the time and materials needed.

DIY Elevated Bedframe

Perfectly awesome! Whoever makes this bedframe is a pretty damn creative person. Look at the headboard that looks so stunning with wooden-based materials. Furthermore, the bedframe looks more complicated than what we see.

DIY Cover Up Bedframe

This bedframe can be a solution for you who want to hide your ugly box. Choose the wood with a bright color surface to get a pretty appearance like this picture. Then, combine with a pretty spring duvet for a beautiful spring bedroom decor.

DIY Upholstered Metal Bedframe

Rather than build a new bedframe, the creator of this bed shows a different way. This project leads us to take a metal bedframe and upholsters it with faux leather material. Feel free to apply any color you want. This bed has a dark grey color that looks so nice.


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