Beads are versatile to make anything, from a cute animal to a gorgeous home accent. Using beads is easy, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Connect them using thread. If you want to make something for your kids or your room needs something new, make something from beads. Let’s check out our list below! There are adorable DIY bead projects that you can finish in minutes.

DIY Beaded Watch

Diy beaded watch


What a beautiful watch! Creating this beaded watch by hand will need less than $3. Feel free to customize the colors you like. This project is easy to make. Even a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour. So, what are you waiting for? Just make it soon.

DIY Suspended Bottle for Kids

Don’t you want to make something for your kids? Try this super easy DIY toy. You will need a plastic bottle, soap, beads, and glue. Your kids will see how beads move in the bottle. It will be great for their senses to play with this toy.

DIY Keychain from Beads

What a lovely craft! You can finish this project in five minutes. We are sure. You will need some wooden or plastic beads in any color and shape you like. Then, tie them. Using a keychain will help you to identify your key among other keys in the key rack. Cool, huh?

DIY Beautiful Beaded Windchimes

Ask your toddlers to choose the bead designs to make this windchime. Attach those beads to a can or a bottle or an old container. Then, let the wind make beautiful sounds with it. This easy peasy project will need less than $5. Hang it in the garden to spruce up your decor.

DIY Beaded Bookmark

Bookworms will love this craft. Choose some wooden or plastic beads you like. Then, tie them. Make sure that you arrange the beads at the ends. So, it will not make the book page dull. If you make it longer, you will get a new necklace. 

Super Easy DIY Fish Toy

You will need pony beads and pipe cleaners to create this DIY fish toy. Ask the kids to help you. Let your little ones design the fish. This project is great for them to spend their free time or when they can’t play outside because of the rain.


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