Bathrooms are rare to see but play a big role in a house. Whether big or small, a bathroom should be decorated well. You might not one of the people who spend more hours in the bathroom, but it doesnโ€™t mean that you don’t need to update your bathroom decoration. Regardless, the bathroom is one of the rooms that often used by the family. In this section, we give you the DIY bathroom ideas to update its appearance in simple ways. Check out our list further below!

With DIY Candles

With diy candles


It will be so much important to make a bathroom felt better. You can make a DIY aromatherapy candle to give a good smell. This simple project only needs a mason jar, candle, and perfume, or other sources to gain a different odor.

With A Builder-Grade Light Fixture

Do you think that your light fixture is ugly? Why donโ€™t you makeover it look brand new? It can be done by painting the builder-grade light fixture in black. This project isnโ€™t a hard project. Even, a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour.

Mason Jar Soap Pump

Use a mason jar or other reusable glass to make this DIY soap pump. It helps us to save the soap and give a new accent in the bathroom. What do you think? This DIY soap pump works well for any bathroom decoration.

Sauce Pot Basket

If you love rustic styles, this sauce pot basket will make you interesting. Make a basket by grabbing some sisal strand rope and get the saucepot wrapped. Put on your towels or other bathroom essentials or accessories on it.

New Shelf In Front of The Mirror

You can re-upgrade your bathroom decoration with a simple shelf. Grab a wooden board and hang it in front of the mirror. Put on some potted green plants will make it more interesting. What a simple but pretty rustic look.

Old Window Bathroom Cabinet

This built-in medicine cabinet looks rustic with an old window shutter. This great idea will not need a lot of money. You only have to reuse your old window and use it for your new cabinet. Save your bathroom essentials in this cabinet to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

Floating Ladder Shelf

Cut your old ladder and paint it in black to get a shelf like this. Arrange your green plants in each step. Furthermore, you are free to hang your hand towel on this ladder shelf as well.

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