Actually, there are many things in your house that you can use in your garden decoration, one of them is your washroom. The ideas below will be the solution to the zero-waste project. Check all ideas below.

Garden Pond In An Old Bathtub

Garden pond in an old bathtub Miraculous DIY Bathroom Ideas In The Garden For Backyard Decoration


This project takes out your old bathtub outdoors and repurposes it into a water feature. The supplies you need are an old bathtub, a recirculating pump, and filter, a proper GFCI outlet installation, aquatic plants, materials to close up the drain and overflow holes, and last bricks or other materials to hold plants at the required level.

Baby Tub Edible Greens Planter

Baby tub edible greens planter Miraculous DIY Bathroom Ideas In The Garden For Backyard Decoration


It is an upcycling idea to grow a delicious crop of kale and lettuce with this upcycled garden container project that uses a secondhand baby bathtub. For the tools, you will need only a box cutter. After that, the materials are 1 baby bathtub, enough 50/50 potting soil, and compost blend to fill the bathtub, lettuce and kale seeds or mixed varieties.

DIY Shower Planter

If you want to grow plants indoors, why don’t you try this project? Through this project, you will have your own raining plant hanger. The tools you need are wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, wood screws, and drills. Then,  the materials are board, chicken wire, roll fiberglass screen, staple gun, staples, plants, small gauge chains, metal hooks, and soil.

Garden In Toilet

This idea is creating a garden in the toilet. Then, to create this project you will need a clear acrylic sheet, some scrap wood, a few screws, and plastic welding fluid, and a terrycloth towel. You’ll also need are a band saw, a knife, sandpaper, a drill, and a 1/2 inch drill bit for plastic.

Birdbath Out Of Old Sink

This project allows you to transform an old wall mount sink into a birdbath for your garden and gift a nice hangout to your feathered friends out there. The materials you need are vintage wall mount sink, drain plug, 3’’ wood screws, PVC pipe, hand saw, 1 brick, 3 cups of small to medium-sized, and plant or bush that measures approximately 30 inches tall when planted.

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