It is fun seeing the baby plays every day. However, so many manufactured toys can be harmful and they have more chemicals and or other materials that are not safe for your kids. So, what do you want to do? It will be more fun when they have toys that were made by hand. Yes, you can make DIY toys for your baby and kid. In this way, you know exactly the materials used for making the toys. Furthermore, you can create toys for learning purposes as well.

Cute Little Alphabet Monster

Cute little alphabet monster


Look at the monsters! They look like alphabets, do they? You can make them as well this week. First of all, prepare a wipes container. Feel free to choose the big or small one. Then, take a few bottle caps. We will use them for creating the mouth. And, add some stickers to make more alive. All the things are in your home, right?

DIY Sensory Play Bag For Babies

What do you think of this? Making this DIY sensory play bag is so easy. First, you have to squeeze hair gel into a small plastic bag. Then, drop in a few plastic or rubber creatures on it. So, the baby will see it as interesting. Zip up the bag to keep it stronger. Then, duct tape the zipper in place to finish this DIY sensory bag. Cool, huh?

Cute Crocheted Baby Rattle

Are you a crochet pro? This baby toy needs professional help if you want to get a cool baby rattle. However, if you have known the basic stitches, you can it by yourself. Even it looks like a pretty easy crochet project. Your baby will love to play with this crocheted baby rattle.

Baby First Book DIY

A book that is not easy to break is usually made of fabrics. Well, it looks pretty good for a baby to read a book. You can make it by hand with your own creation. Do little sewing to attach birds, stars, or anything. Then, let your baby read the book every day. We guarantee he will love the book too.

Cool Plastic Bottle Bowling Set

If there are more bottles in your storage, reusing them for creating DIY toys is a great idea. Paint them in different colors like green, yellow, pink, red, or blue. Then, take a plastic ball to play with this bottle bowling set. You can play this with your kids too. Let us see who will get the highest score.





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