Babies are cute and smart. Giving them gifts will make them so happy. A mother with a baby is always busy with their world. However, they need our attention. Mothers, grandmothers, and aunties are happy giving babies gifts. If you are one of them and want to give gifts to babies, check out our list below. You will find inspiring DIY baby gifts ideas that are simple and eye-catching. Just select the most beautiful and best items for the baby by seeing our ideas.

DIY Diaper Changing Mat

Diy diaper changing mat


Helping a mother to take cake a baby is a good thing. Making a DIY diaper changing mat is only one of the easy things for you. This way is a simple thing but will be very helpful for mothers. Well, a mom will change the baby’s diaper at least three times a day. She will need a diaper changing mat to ease her task. Buy a pattern waterproof soft fabric and add accessories to look more personal.

Baby Diapers Cake

Well. It isn’t a cake but diapers. The crafter arranges the diapers in a form of a cake. It looks so pretty, right? So, you can do the same way to give the babies more diapers. Yeah, mommy will need them every day. And, this is the best gift for her and the baby.

DIY Flower Gift Basket

You will need a rattan basket to make this wonderful DIY. Some pairs of socks are great to shape like flowers. Then, arrange them in the basket. Add ribbon, leaves, or anything to make it more eye-catching. Give this DIY flower gift basket for the new baby born or a one-year baby.

Faux Leather Sandals for Baby

First of all. You need to prepare recycled leather stash and scrap. Buy them from a craft store. Then, sew the leather using thread and needle. At least, you should have basic sewing skills to make these DIY faux leather sandals. Feel free to design them with ribbon, flowers, or even butterflies.

DIY Soft Baby Blocks

A baby will have fun playing with these soft blocks. Customize the size and colors for your own gift. Baby girls might love pink, blue, and other soft colors. While, the baby boy might love black, brown, or other dark hues. Chose the soft fabric and fill it with cotton and padding. So, the baby will play with those blocks happily. What a great gift! Even toddlers can play with the blocks too.


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