Sometimes, the garland is often an overlooked Christmas decoration while their charm and simplicity are the perfect addition to your holiday decoration. Besides, garlands are also easy to make and customize to your liking. Therefore here we show you DIY Amusing Garland Ideas For Brightening Any Space In Your Home.

DIY Glitter Feather Garland

Glitter feather garland is so festive for your Christmas. Moreover, it looks super chic when strung together and taped across a mantle. You can create this by using cardstock or plain white card stock, silhouette feather template, mod podge, gold glitter, needle, and thread. and glitter in the color you want. After that, get all of them to prepare as a hanging ornament.

Tassel Garland

Tassel garland DIY Amusing Garland Ideas For Brightening Any Space In Your Home

This probably will be the easiest garland ideas where show you a simple yet eye-catching Christmas decoration. Here you will need single strand cotton string, scissors, hair or pet brush, 3-4 colors of yarn, thin cotton string, and a tapestry needle.

A Dried Fruit Garland

The dried fruit décor idea is so simplistic yet pretty for Christmas time. You can string along a mantle pr dress up your windows. The supplies you need are some fruits, cranberries, bay leaves, fishing line or twine, and needles.

Candy Garland

Well, your kids will definitely directly want to join in on the construction of this sweet candy garland. In the process, the adults should handle poking holes through the jawbreakers, gummies, and gumballs while kids can practice patterns by stringing alternating candies together into colorful garlands. The materials you need are awl, string or embroidery thread, scissors, large needles, and candy.

 DIY String Lights Garland

There is no Christmas when there are no twinkly lights. The materials you need for this garland are shimmer lights, floral wire, wire cutters, and greens. Besides, this garland is also so cute to be used ina summer party either you can hang up or laid down in the center of a table.

Customizable Garlands

When it comes to DIY projects. The lovely thing we can do is customize all ideas to fit our space and personality. Just like this garland. It has advent stocking garland, easy om-poms garland, wooden word banner, glittery snowflakes garland, and ornament garland. It is so exciting, isn’t it?

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