The word “ribbon” can conjure up many thoughts. The first is probably a bright and shiny ribbon type, like those you would find on a birthday present or wrapped around a gift. However, other kinds of ribbons are often overlooked, but they too come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for different occasions! In this article, we will explore the various types of ribbons so that you know what to choose when looking for the perfect one to suit your needs.

Satin Ribbon

Silk, cotton, and nylon ribbons are soft to the touch with a shiny surface. On one side of the ribbon, but other times they can be found on both sides. Shiny ribbon can be found with or without a sparkling surface on either side. For example, one side of the satin ribbon is satin, and the other side is not, giving a matt finish.

When you have a project in which both sides of the ribbon will be visible – like, for instance, a sash – it is best to choose a double-sided ribbon. Satin ribbons are readily available in various widths, colors, and patterns. They are inexpensive and used for many purposes.

Taffeta Ribbon

Woven ribbons are made from lightweight and translucent fabric such as silk, rayon, or polyester. Even without wire, they have a crispness that helps them hold their shape. Silk taffeta ribbons are the prettiest, but they’re not readily available. Rayon taffeta ribbons are also quite lovely.

Grosgrain Ribbon

These ribbons are designed with a matte surface and rough texture, and very durable. Grosgrain ribbons are a thick, woven ribbon with distinctive crosswise ridges on the surface; they’re nothing short of elegant. Grosgrain ribbons are a popular choice and you can get custom ribbons at for decorating or garment projects due to their rich and classical look and high quality.

Picot Edge Ribbon

Picot edge satin ribbon is an elegant and versatile trimming with a unique edging. This satin ribbon is single-faced and has a shine on one side and another dull matte finish, depending on which side you are looking at. The edges of the ribbon are adorned with small loops that run along the entire length of the ribbon.

Twill Ribbon

Twill tape, also known as twilled tape, is a flat herringbone weave fabric ribbon made with cotton, linen, polyester, or wool. Twill tape is often used in theatre to tie curtains and scenery together or tie cable coils so that they do not unroll.

Brocade Ribbon

These are ribbons that have designs woven into them. Like other fabrics, the ribbon can have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side. It also works very well in home decor projects, especially ones that require intricate designs. This ribbon used to be handmade on looms, but now it is made on machines.

Sheer and Shimmery Ribbon

This ribbon has a sheer base and an opulent shimmering texture that is well-suited for dressing up party decorations, package wrapping, and designing accessories. This is made up of one of the most popular materials for ribbon is nylon and polyester.

Tulle Ribbon

Tulle Ribbon is a style of ribbon that is often used to decorate, wrap, or gift-wrap. It can also be used in creating apparel like tutus and veils. Tulle ribbon is a mesh ribbon.

Velvet Ribbon

These ribbons have a cut pile, whereas most other ribbons are loop piles. Velvet ribbons have bundles of fibers throughout, and chenille ribbons have tufts that hang down.

Silk Ribbon

These ribbons are super soft to the touch and offer a seamless look without the need for stitches. Hand-dyed silk ribbons in variegated and edge-dyed looks are splendid. It is mainly used in silk ribbon embroidery.

Metallic Ribbon

Unlike regular ribbons, these ribbons are typically made of metallic threads. Some are entirely golden, and others are mixed with other fibers. These ribbons are mostly used for projects and as decorative stuff.

Jute Ribbon

Jute ribbon is often referred to as burlap ribbon, and this type of ribbon is made from natural plant fibers derived from the jute plant. Jute is a type of fabric that consists of the material which makes hemp, burlap, or hessian cloths.

Zari Ribbon

This is a ribbon with zari thread woven in beautiful patterns. They are available in golden and silver colors. This use as a decorative material.

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