Gun storage solutions do not only provide a way to safely store your firearms, they can also be a great way to show off your collection and keep them accessible for use. An unassessable gun is a worthless gun when it comes to home defense, but it also can be a dangerous gun if just left laying around.

One way to keep your choice firearms within reach, and in a safe location, is to use a wall mount. This solution is also a nice way to showcase your favorite weapons and is an easy, affordable solution as well that you can build on your own. Take a look at our solution suggestions below so you can decide how to best apply it to your home storage needs. 

Firearm Storage Locations

Storage can be a challenge no matter what size house you own. Finding ways to keep your hobbies and supplies out of the way to avoid clutter, but still accessible for use, presents unique opportunities. Guns in particular offer the unique challenge of being both larger and heavier than many other types of collectibles, plus they are a functional product. Take advantage of various places in your home that provide a way to show them off while keeping them safely out of the way. 

Wall Spaces Next to and Above Doors

The space next to your doors is the perfect location for a vertical mount. Rifles and shotguns, as well as pellet guns can be kept on hand to grab for predator protection. 1 to 3 firearms can easily fit into a narrow space, while you can take advantage of horizontal options for over a door. 

Mudrooms or Entryways

Entryways and mudrooms are also a great place to showcase your weapons. They often provide a larger wall space to take advantage of to mount glass front cabinets as well, or even retractable shelving that conceal your weapons while being easy to get hold of when needed. 

Hallways and Staircase Landings

Wide hallways or staircase landings alsp offer the perfect space for wall mount storage solutions. They are also a great place to show off your firearms since they are high traffic areas. Like mudrooms and entryways, these spaces also allow the room to hang cabinet-like designs and conceal options without sacrificing accessibility. 

Wall Mount Plans and Materials

If you are creative and handy, and familiar and comfortable with DIY creation, you might want to attempt to design and make your own. If you need a little inspiration, first do some research on various ideas to influence what you might need- and always measure your space!

There are many tutorials and instructions online that use a variety of materials that will fit your decor. These can provide you step by step guides, and provide excellent examples that you can turn into your own customized rack. 

Both wood and metal can be used to create the wall mount you desire. Simple racks can be both affordable and stylish, and provide a quality looking option that you will be proud to have in your home. Don’t discount the use of various hardware hooks that can be repurposed. Even horseshoes make a good support.

Style Ideas for Inspiration

Guns need to be securely held when stored, and the following ideas are all classic, tried and true designs that can be easily incorporated in DIY projects. No matter your skill level, you can find something that will work for your needs. 

Horizontal vs Vertical

Vertical racks are best for narrow areas or when you might have many firearms to showcase. They can be built as a solid rack, or use separate hardware to secure the bottoms and barrel of your guns to further save on space. You can also create shelving or small racks to help hold extra mags and ammo. The benefit of this style is that they fit into a wide array of spaces, both narrow and compact, as well as larger- plus, they hold guns closer to the wall to present a shallower profile. 

Horizontal racks are popular options, and also provide a lot of space-saving options. However, they do require a wider space than a vertical choice but can stack to hold quite a few weapons in one area. They also are a good solution for above the door storage, especially when showing off a collectible or antique. Horizontal designs also can be built into shelving and cabinet options for safe accessory storage, such as mags, ammo, cleaning kits, and gun suppressors

Wood vs Metal

Most people can easily do their own woodworking, but metal can provide a challenge unless you already have the acquired skills. However, it is possible to find people to do metal work for you to help bring your visions to life. 

Wood is generally more popular because it fits into a wide array of decor- and is less expensive to work with if you are planning on creating a solid wall mount. However, it often takes up more space than metal and is best suited for a space that you can show it off along with your firearms. 

Metal provides a lower profile and sturdy mount option, but may require you to cut and shape your plans. Like wood, it is workable, but will cost more if you have to hire help. 

Solid vs Individual

Solid mounts also take up more space than individual mounts. They are generally something you want to show off as much as your weapons and fit well into entryways, hallways, and stairwells. Plus, they offer more of a one size fits all approach. Individual mounts are built to hold one gun and can be placed with one another to take full advantage of the area you have without making it too cluttered. This is also a great solution if you are wanting to showcase more than one type of gun and need to customize the size of mount to hold each weapon more securely. 

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