Succulent is a nice planter that fresh our room. This planter is usually placed indoor or outdoor. The colors and varieties of succulents make it become one of the most cheerful planters. Here are some creative ways to plant succulents at your house;

Sea Shells Succulents

Sea shells succulents


It’s beautiful, isn’t it? But you need more time to make this sea shells succulent at home. Prepare a terracotta pot, glue, sea shells, and soil. Glue the sea shells one by one at terracotta pot. Let it dry. Then, fill some soil and compost. After that, plant the succulents.

Mason Jar Succulent

Mason jar succulents


A Mason jar can be used as a planter for small planter just like succulent. This is simple and no need budget to do. Make it by yourself and see the result, it will nice to be placed at one of your desks.

Lego Bricks Succulent

Lego bricks succulents


If your children already bored with their toys, you can transform them into another use. Here, it is Lego bricks succulent to be tried at home. Make it by your own self or along with your children will be a nice idea.

Colander Succulent Planter

Colander succulent planter


It’s nice to see your old kitchen set can be a beautiful project like this. Don’t ever throw it away because this colander can be transformed into another usage. Just add soil and compost on it and plant your favorite succulent there. Have a nice try!

Egg Shells Succulent

Egg shells succulent


Gorgeous and inexpensive succulents can be got through this egg shells succulents. Prepare some egg shells and fill with soil and compost than plant the succulents one by one. Mix and match the variety of colors to make it more cheerful.

Dinosaur Type Succulents

Dinosaur type succulents


It will be an interesting project to be done with your sons. They will see their ex-dinosaur toy can be transformed into another thing. Your succulent will looks like in prehistoric era along with the dinosaur

Teacups Succulents

Teacup succulent-


A tea cup is not only use to make a tea but also can be function as place for succulent. It will give aesthetic value along with refresh air at your desk. Choose the variety of succulents to plant and arrange it as your desire.

Bird Cage Succulents

Bird-cage succulents


Let us make a different style of planting succulents by using a bird cage like this idea. Just hang it at one side of your room to make more rustic. This bird cage succulent is simple and unique with o need more time to get amazing result.

Berry Basket



Get ready to see a wonderful result of arranging your succulents at this idea. Here, you will refresh your mind only by seeing this cheerful arrangement. Take some different kinds of succulents together to make it more colorful.

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