Improving your home is fun, but it can spend a lot of time and money. Sometimes the smaller details that spend less time and money can really make a big difference in making the house look neat and even friendly. The first thing people see when they visit you in your house is the mailbox. Usually mailboxes are homogeneous and often they can be ignored. Sure, you can buy a funny or new mailbox from the store but make yourself much more fun. So try these mailbox projects to get inspired.

Funky White Mailbox

Source : Lolly Jane

Grab a few standard crafting supplies and you’ll have just about everything you need to make this simple customized mailbox. Using paint and stick vinyl to add a monogram, clear box number to make sure their mail goes to the right place and a cute coloured pattern just for kicks.

Modern Pallet Wood Mailbox

Source : Little Things

Wooden pallet decorations are usually used to add a bit of rustic chic feel to your home, but this project turns wooden pallets into a modern and attractive decor that makes it a good talk in your neighborhood.

Cast Stone Mailbox

Cast stone provides an elegant look on the your mailbox. But you do not have to bother installing the original stone, artificial stone like this -which you can get easily and cheaply- results as good as the original one.

Hand Painted Mailbox

Are you a talented painter who likes to put your skills to good use at every opportunity you get? You can try this idea. This adorable design you can either recreate that or customize that basic concept to make a version all your own

Quick and Easy

When elegance and simplicity work together, you know the result will be flawless.

Barn House Pallet Mailbox

Do you like the fresh and natural countryside atmosphere? Then this mailbox is the answer. Wooden pallets strengthen the rural impression derived from the new form.

A Complete Mailbox

Source : The Navage Patch

This impressive little mailbox has a planter behind it and a flower bed beneath it. This is a wonderful thing for your green thumbs.

Trellis Mailbox

Source : Lowe’s

Add a DIY trellis and let climbing vines grow up the side of your mailbox for added visual appeal.

Coastal Mailbox

Stick a patterned paper, wallpaper, or fabric to the inner walls of your mailbox in order to really make your mail delivery person’s morning every time they open it to pop a letter in! You might not choose lobsters for yours like they have in the picture, but really any bright color or pattern will jazz the regular old process of checking the mail up at least a little bit.

Striped Mailbox

Source : Studio DIY

Can you imagine how much you’d smile looking at your striped mailbox in these bright colors? Bold bright color to brighten up your day.

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