Gardening is a nice activity to do. Even sometimes, gardening feeds your soul because when the plants you plant grow thrives it will satisfy yourself. In gardening, you can also add some signs and tags in the certain area of the plants. It is not only useful as the marker to identify the kind of plant itself, but also can make your garden look more alive. Let us share some ideas of garden sign and tag that you can do it by yourself.

Wooden Board Garden Sign

Source : Pinterest

A written board that is hanged by using string is an easy garden sign to make.

Wooden Sign with Rake for Garden Tools

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If you have an old rake, you can use it to organize your garden tools. Combining it with the board is nice to create an useful garden sign.

Porch Sign in the Entry Way

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To make the entry way into the garden looks nicer, you can hang a welcome board on it.

Name Tag on the Stick

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Small plants with similar leaves and stalks may be quite difficult to indentify. Then, you can help yourself by adding them name tag which is made from some boards tied to the sticks.

A Note on the Doorway

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Let others know whether you are in the garden or not by making a note, then hang it on the doorway. It’s a very useful sign!

Chalky Board Garden Sign

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

Dividing the chalkboard into several pieces and sticking them on the sticks is easy to do in making the garden sign. Then, you’ll need a chalk to write the name of each plant.

Wooden Spoon Name Tag

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There are two things you will get when you create and place the wooden spoons as the name tag in your garden. First, it will ease anyone to recognize the plant. Secondly, their existence will make your garden look nicer.

Fork Name Tag

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We agree that forks are usually presented on the dinning table as the cutlery. Still, they can also be used as the cute name tags in your garden.

Rustic Garden Sign

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If you have some old items in your garden, you can use them to become a rustic garden sign. The theme of this garden sign is a cottage with beautiful flowers. It’s awesome, huh!

Written Stone Name Tag

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Not only wood, stone is also nice to use as the name tag for the plants in the garden. Just try to write the name of plants on it, then they’ll look so cute.


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