It is no wonder if craft becomes something that loved by many people. It is also the choice for any home decoration need. You can make your own craft to beautify your home from ornament, home accessories, furniture treatment, and more. Anyway, from all of the proper crafts ideas that are made a long time ago till now, there are some craft trends to keep you update. We have compiled some craft designs that you can make to meet this year’s trends. Here are 10 craft trends to copy!

Candle Making

Candles are one of the things that you can make yourself at home. You can use lavender and mint chocolate you get from the garden to make candles. You can put it in the jar along with the wax then wait to harden and your wax is ready to use. DIY Pressed Herb Candles from Cutediyprojects.

Acrylic Painting

Painting is an art that can be made by yourself to complement the decoration in your home. You can make an acrylic painting on a rectangular canvas with a combination of blue, black and gold acrylic paint. Then you can hang it on the wall so that it will become the perfect focal point in your home. Acrylic Painting from Decorpad.

Outdoor Decor Craft

You can use used teapots to make creative outdoor crafts. Making bird feeder crafts made from used teapots to complement your outdoor decor is an interesting idea. You can attach it to a tree so it will attract birds and make your garden look more beautiful. Upcycled Tea Set Bird Feeder from Homebnc.

Home Stuff Painting

Try making Home Stuff Painting to make your decorations look even more attractive. You can make paintings on your indoor plant pots with beautiful and colorful motifs. Placing it on the table makes for a simple and creative decoration that can inspire. Home Stuff Painting from Makeit-loveit.

Embroidery Craft

You can make embroidery to complement the decor in your home. Making flower motif embroidery using colorful threads will look very beautiful and attractive. You can hang it on the wall or anywhere else for a beautiful look with a touch of art. Embroidery Craft from Diyncrafts.

Furniture Upgrade

Upgrading furniture is one way to improve the decoration in your home. Try putting a patterned cover on your dining chair to make it look more beautiful. You can also add a pad to the dining chair so it will look more perfect. Furniture Upgrade from Nimvo.

Wicker Basket Planter

If you have a wicker basket, you can use it as a planter to compliment your decor. You can paint it white first before using it as a planting medium to make it look more beautiful. After the paint is dry you can use it for planting and place it in the garden so that your garden will look attractive. Painted Wicker Basket Planter from Cottageatthecrossroads.

Tassel Craft

Making a tassel craft using Ombre yarn is a creative idea. You can assemble them into a wall hanging using ropes and twigs. Then you can hang it on the wall to complement your wall decor to make it look more attractive and less boring. Tassel Craft Wall Hanging from Shelterness.

Macrame Project

MacramΓ© is one of the ornaments that you can use to complement the decorations in your home. You can make it yourself at home using a rope so it will save more money. Hanging it on the wall will make it a focal point and make your wall stand out more. DIY Macrame Wall Display from Diyjoy.

Dried Plant Ornament

Using plants for your home decorating ideas is an interesting idea. It doesn’t have to be fresh plants, you can make the dried plants to complement your home decor. Making dry wheat arrangements that are put in a vase is the perfect solution. Placing it on the table will become a beautiful focal point in your home. Dried Plant Ornament from Apartmenttherapy.

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