It can be said that the countertop is the spot where there will be things for your cooking need. It should be seen clean and sleek for your cooking process health and also to make the food hygienic. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t beautify it. Although you can not put too many things or too festive decoration, it still possible for you to make your countertop looks pretty with a few touches. Here we have some ideas that you can use to beautify your countertop easily and without too much decoration.

Providing Pedestal Bowl

Pedestal bowls have a pretty appearance that makes them possible to be used to beautify your countertop. The interesting thing about the pedestal bowl is that it could be used not only to beautify the spot but also to make it functional to store some fruits, snacks, or even beverages. If you want to give additional beauty to your pedestal bowl, you can add ribbons and other accessories.

White Providing Pedestal Bowl from Blesserhouse

Wooden Pedestal Bowl from Studio-mcgee

Wicker Pedestal Bowl from Decorpad

Glass Pedestal Bowl from Decorpad

Gold Pedestal Bowl from Decorpad

Ceramic Pedestal Bowl from Decorpad

Blue Glass Pedestal Bowl from Thewowstyle

Gold Pedestal Bowl from Theivorylane

Rubberwood Pedestal Bowl from Popsugar

White Pedestal Bowl from Kelleynan

Decorative Candle

Well, it can’t be doubted that decorative candles are the savior if you don’t have any ideas anymore on how to decorate any room of your house. It is in effect on the countertop. You can simply put some decorative candles to the corner of your countertop, near the backsplash, or any space that you think possible and won’t disturb your cooking activity.

DIY Decorative Candles from Thekitchn

Jar Candle Holder from Curatedinterior

Grains Candles from Deavita

Glass Candle from Kelleynan

Decorative Candle from Inspiredbycharm

Wooden Candle Holder from Calypsointhecountry

Color Block Candles from Finehomesandliving

Decorative Candle Holder from Homebnc

Plywood Candle from Homebnc

Unique Tray

A tray is not only a tray if you can find the proper and unique designs. You can even use it to decorate your countertop. Use it as the pad to put some pretty things that can be functioned as decoration. For example, you can put decorative greenery like succulents, decorative candles, or make it more functional to put your kitchen utensils. Check out the following references.

Zig Zag Tray from Stylemotivation

Hexagon Tray from from Stylemotivation

Pallet Tray from Topdreamer

Bottle Patterned Tray from Topdreamer

Metal and Wooden Tray from Homebnc

Striped Tray from Uncommondesignsonline

Wicker Tray from Blesserhouse

Woven Tray from Decoist

White Countertop Tray from Lizmarieblog

Decorative Cutting Board

Besides making it functional for your cooking process, you can use the cutting board to decorate your countertop spot. Find the designs that could be proper and unique. It could be from the colors, pattern, and shape. Simply display it on your countertop when you finished using it. Or, if you want to have the cutting board to be pure as the decoration, then that will be awesome because you can make it has a clean and sleek look all the time since you don’t use it for cooking.

Farmhouse Cutting Board from Hometalk

Striped Cutting Board from Bobvila

DIY Honeycomb Cutting Board from Thehandymansdaughter

Shaped Cutting Board from Thehandymansdaughter

Painted Cutting Board from Thehandymansdaughter

Lets Cook Cutting Board from Architectureartdesigns

Tree Patterned Cutting Board from Architectureartdesigns

Puzzle Cutting Board from Architectureartdesigns

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Cutting Board from Sheknows

Live Plants

Providing the plants or greenery is a must for any decoration especially if it is the live plants. However, you should be careful because there will be some considerations that you should follow. The first thing is that you should choose the right plant that doesn’t need too much maintenance and live easily. Then, consider the spot. It is recommended for you to put it in the spot that exposed to the sunlight. The last one is finding the best pot or planter so that the plant could be seen prettier.

Spathiphyllum Plant from Designingidea

Orchid Flower from Designingidea

Spider Plant from Designingidea

Green Plants from Homebnc

Herbs on the Countertop from Homebnc

Purple Orchid Flower from Justaddiceorchids

Yellow Flowers from Bhg

White Orchid Flower from Nextluxury

Pink Orchid Flowers from Nextluxury

Snack Plant from Nextluxury

Spider Plant from Nextluxury

White Flower from Bobvila

Knife Block

Well, yes! The knife block is something that can add beauty to your countertop. Don’t know how it works but the knife block can add a special impression to the countertop with its knife collections in different size and purpose. Just like the others, the knife block also has varied designs and surely possible to be added with colors to make it prettier. go down for the references.

Oak Wooden Knife Block from Rd

Two Tone Knife Block from Home-dzine

DIY Wooden Knife Block from Shelterness

Chalkboard Knife Block from Shelterness

Color Block Knife Block from Shelterness

Painted Floral Wooden Knife Block from Shelterness

Transparent Knife Block from Shelterness

Wooden Knife Block from Makinglemonadeblog

Walnut Knife Block from Shelterness

White Painted Knife Block from Remodelista

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