According to a contemporary study, about two-thirds of American homes are owned by their occupants. So, home maintenance has become a priority for quite a significant number of the US population. 

It is advised to run yearly or semi-annual checks to ensure the house’s safety. However, it is also true that maintenance is an everyday task. Apart from cleaning and vacuuming, there are many things that we must never ignore.

The ignorance to rectify minor errors inside the house can lead to significant problems. As a result, you may incur heavy repair and replacement costs. Therefore, we have compiled a checklist of common mistakes most homeowners make while maintaining the property but should avoid. 

Read on! 

1. Failure to check water equipment in the garden 

Garden watering equipment, such as sprinkler tools, water pipes, etc., must be inspected frequently. According to sprinkler repair experts, it is essential during winter months because leftover water in them can freeze. Thus, rupture the equipment without you knowing. 

It can lead to high mending costs later because the water may root back into the soil and damage the interiors. Therefore, you should inspect every tool in your garden to mitigate the chances of unwanted damage to your property. 

2. Indiscriminate power washing 

A power washer is an incredible tool for outdoor cleaning, such as washing a deck, siding, or sidewalks. However, some homeowners use it with excess pressure, which can be damaging to the home. 

Too much pressure on the deck and flooring can lead to loss of mineral composting in bricks and stones. As a result, it will create white streaks that are hard to remove later. Moreover, keeping the fast-blasting jet away from the glass windows and painted surfaces is significant. Manage the pressure sufficiently to prevent wood digging and splintering. 

3. Flickering lights and blackouts 

No homeowner must ever neglect any flickering lights and frequent blackouts at home. Unless you are hosting a disco-themed party, there is no point in having flickering bulbs at home. It could mean faulty wires, circuits, and even switchboards. 

So, replace the flickering bulb, and if the trouble persists, call a professional to inspect the internal wiring. There could be chances of dead bugs in switchboards, wires chewed by rats, etc. It is best to get timely repairs before the issue becomes a significant problem that calls for replacing cables in the whole property. 

4. Letting gutter clog up 

If you do not clean the gutter pipes frequently, you may have a problem. Apart from the autumn cleaning, you also need to inspect it at other times. According to experts, your gutters need more than just periodic maintenance. 

Especially if your garden is full of trees, shrubs, and other plants, get on the ladder as often as feasible and check if the gutter needs cleaning. There is no other method to know unless you want to see water clogging due to debris and leaves in the gutter pipe. You can also use gutter guards to prevent seeping in leaves. However, remember to clean them time too. 

Bottom line 

The only way to avoid these common home maintenance errors is to be proactive and learn the basics. Set a routine and create a checklist of all the things you should be inspected on your property. It will also add to your home value and keep you away from major repair/replacement expenses at home. 

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