Are you a coffee lover? It is a must to have a coffee bar in your space. Well. You will spend a lot of money to ask a professional to build it for you. What about creating your coffee station? Started from the cabinet, rolling chart, or even kitchen counter. Choose the best term for your space. Consider your home style and decor tone as well. In this article, we have collected DIY coffee bar stations that you can make at home. Add your personal touches and be creative!

DIY Industrial Pipe Coffee Bar Cart

Diy industrial pipe coffee bar cart


This awesome coffee bar is in the form of a rolling chart. Made of black pipes with wooden shelves and rolls, this coffee bar is easy to move. You are free to bring it outside as well. The design is simple but eye-catching and works well for all home themes.

Vintage Coffee Bar Station

Vintage styles lovers are excited to see this cool coffee station. Look at the color that reminds us of vintage things and everything in between. We love the drawer in a vintage blue appearance. Then, some coffee mugs are hanging over it. It looks so dreamy, right?

DIY Rustic Coffee Station

What about this coffee station for your space? It shows a great design with a rustic tone. The stressed wooden shelves, black pipes, and wooden chart are awesome. You can make it at home for some hours. Use your leisure time to build this rustic bar.

DIY Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar

This home project is cool. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Make this coffee bar even in a small space. Just mount the wooden pallet shelf to the wall. Put on your coffee, mug, and sugar. You can make it in a studio apartment with a tiny nook as well.

DIY Home Coffee Bar

For the one who wishes to drink different coffee every day, this home coffee bar might be interesting. First of all, you need to create a coffee table. Add down lighting under the table to show the plants. The blackboard shows what coffee you can drink today. It is a great project that will need several days to finish.

DIY Colorful Coffee Station

Splash color to your kitchen area with this DIY colorful coffee station. The drawer is nice. Then, add some mugs in different hues as well. It looks nice with a framed “have a cup of coffee” among the mugs. Cool, isn’t it?

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