We use coffee filters every day. Do you know? Coffee filters aren’t just for coffee. We can use them to make any crafts. As DIY enthusiasts, you can use anything to make crafts, including coffee filters. Let’s make our home looks stunning by creating decor items from coffee filters. These materials are affordable. Check out the list below! We will see fabulous crafts from coffee filters that are easy to copy. Here we go!

Lovely Coffee Filter Wreath

Lovely coffee filter wreath


This lovely wreath will make our front door looks gorgeous. Let’s make it soon. We will need a wreath base, a hot glue gun, lots of glue sticks, and two packages of white coffee filters. Buy those materials at the dollar store. After gathering the tools and supplies, it’s time to start the project. First, leave the plastic on the straw wreath. Check out more details here.

Peony Coffee Filter Flowers

There are many things we can make of coffee filters. Look at these flowers. They are so beautiful, aren’t they? We can use them to make a wreath as well. Shape a coffee filter to make petals. Then, arrange them until becoming a flower. Make as many flowers as you need. Feel free to customize the sizes and colors. See the tutorials here.

DIY Coffee Filter Angel Wings

What do you think of these wings? It seems like an angel coming into your home. Believe us! It is so easy to make this craft. You will need several coffee filters, a glue gun, cardboard, felt, mod podge, seam binding ribbon, and jewelry embellishment. Start by drawing the wing on the cardboard using a pen. Then, cut it out. Check out the detailed instructions here.

DIY Coffee Filter Rose

It is a beautiful rose in a vase. This simple craft is super easy. You don’t have to spend even a penny. You will need coffee filters, a hot glue gun, wood skewers, florist tape, and natural dyes with kitchen supplies. Start by cutting a spiral shape out of three coffee filters. Stack them together to save time. See the tutorials here.

Coffee Filter Pom Pom Garland

Grab some dyed coffee filters and some plain white ones. Get twine, a sharp knife, and a stapler. Let’s start by stacking at least eight dyed coffee filters on top of one another. Check out more instructions here. Make the garland by connecting the pom poms using a thread. It is an easy project that you can finish within minutes.


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