Do you have plenty of coffee cans in your storage? Why don’t repurpose them into other functional things? Coffee cans are versatile and easy to shape. Rather than throwing them away, it will be better for us to create flower vas, cube, or other things from those unused coffee cans. In this article, we collect ideas that will inspire you to repurpose coffee cans. Furthermore, those DIY projects are easy and affordable for anyone. Check out and get more inspiration from our lists below!

Upcycled Coffee Can Easter Baskets

Upcycled coffee can easter baskets


See how cute this bunny basket is! You can make it by hand easily. Just take an unused coffee can and paint it in white and pink. Then, let it dry. Then add googly eyes to make it more alive by using glue. You are free to give pom pom as its nose. Then, wool hair in any color you want. Easy, huh?

Bathroom Storage From Coffee Cans

Nothing hard to do. Making this pretty bathroom storage is super easy. You only have to cover the coffee can with rope. Then, you will get a new thing to save your brush teeth, shampoo, and other bathroom essentials. Even, a DIY newbie can do this easily.

DIY Rock Covered Coffee Cans

Well, it will need a day to make this pretty DIY rock-covered coffee can. First of all, apply glue to the can’s surface. Then, attach the rocket one by one till all is covered well. Let it dry in a day or more. Isn’t it beautiful? It works well to beautify your porch.

DIY Coffee Can Utensil Holders

Make your kitchen looks more adorable and tidy with this DIY coffee can utensil holder. The materials are easy to find and affordable for anyone. A coffee can that is not used anymore looks awesome after you paint it well in any color you want. Put on your kitchen utensils there.

Easy Upcycled Coffee Can Cake Plate

What about this creative idea! You can repurpose a coffee can into a beautiful cake stand. Just decorate your coffee can using whatever method you choose to make this awesome cake stand. You can repaint the surface or cover it with a certain paper. Or, anything.

Upcycled Coffee Can Planter

This is another easy way to repurpose an old coffee can. Paint the can with any color you love pink, white, black, coral, or any color. Then, let it dry. Add soil inside and plant your flower, succulents, cacti, herb, or fruit you want.


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