It is great to see Christmas stockings play an important role when it comes to the festive Christmas decorating of the house. However, instead of going for the same old red and white stockings, you are suggested to create something more out of the box and come up with creative and pretty stockings!

Pom Pom Christmas Stocking


This stocking was made as a DIY project using burlap material so it looks great with a rustic touch. Decorated with red, white and green pom poms, these stockings look very pretty and festive. Burlap Stocking with Pom pom from @knitandknotdesigns.

You can reuse old stockings to make Christmas stockings. Here you just need to sew some pom poms on your old stockings so they look festive and ready to complete the Christmas decorations. Colorful Pom Pom Stocking from @teganenloe.

Very amazing. These stockings are made using cardboard material and colorful pom poms. It’s quite easy to make here, you only need to stick pom poms using glue on stocking-shaped cardboard. And stockings are ready to be displayed. Multicolor Pom Pom Stocking from @bynadiahassan

This old stocking is recycled by decorating it with pom poms to make it look more attractive. Stringing it into a garland and hanging it on the wall makes it the perfect focal point. Pom Pom Stocking Garland from @the_garland_girl.

This Pom Pom stocking was made with a DIY project using burlap and pom pom materials so it will present a beautiful look with a rustic touch. Hanging it on the wall makes it perfectly exposed. Hanging Pom Pom Stocking from @thepompomporium.

Colorful and very festive. This pom pom sock is made using patchwork and pom poms so it will look different than usual. Hanging on the front door will make your Christmas decorations more attractive and inspiring. Green Pom Pom Stocking from @sewingbeekatie.

Felt Stocking

These stockings have a red theme which makes them perfect for Christmas decorations. Made using felt material making it quite safe for children and easier to make. Red Felt Stocking from @calmcoolcollectedvintage.

Instead of buying them at the store, these stockings are made with a DIY project using felt. Snowman, Santa, elf, reindeer and gingerbread accents on each stocking will present a more attractive appearance. Hanging Red Felt Stocking from @aprilmaycreateart.

This Ornament Stocking is made using felt material so that it looks attractive and manages to attract attention. Made by sewing will make it more durable and long lasting. Hanging it in the fireplace makes it look perfect. White and Red Stocking from @charmingvintagestore.

Incorporating these stockings into Christmas decorations is an interesting idea. You can use stockings that are made using this felt. Then hang it on the wall so it will make your wall look more prominent. Green Felt Stocking from @junimoon_felt_toys.

These Santa stockings are perfect for Christmas decoration ideas. Made using felt material will make it look more attractive and manage to steal attention. This DIY stocking idea is really interesting and very inspiring. Santa Stocking from @janecarrolldesign.

These felt stockings are made with a DIY project so they will look even more creative. Arranged into a garland and hung on the wall will make it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who comes to see it. Red and Green Felt Stocking from @bumbleandbobs.

No-Sew Stockings

Unique and interesting. These stockings are made without sewing so they are very safe for children and still look attractive. Decorated with pom poms makes it look prettier and suitable for Christmas decorations in your home. Blue Stocking from @kind_roots_creative_mindfulnes.

Instead of being made by sewing, it’s different from sticking which is assembled using glue. Decorated with pom poms makes it look more beautiful and festive. Plaid Stocking from @makerlabs.

This Penguin stocking is made using burlap material so it succeeds in presenting an attractive rustic look. There is something interesting about these stockings, they are made using glue without sewing, so they are very safe for children. Penguin Sticking from

Elf Stockings With Curlicue Toes

Check out these amazing elf stockings! Made using felt material makes it very easy to make. It has a gray theme and is decorated with a Christmas ball, making it suitable for hanging on a white door. Grey Elf Stocking from @instabeaspoke.

This Christmas decoration is completed with DIY elf stockings so that it will present a more attractive appearance. Having a polka dot pattern makes it look prettier and manages to steal the show. Polka dot Elf Stocking from @theredeemedmama.

This elf stocking is made using fabric material by sewing it so it is very durable. Having a red and white color theme makes it perfect for Christmas decoration ideas in your home. Red and White Elf Stocking from @elzan_creations.

This white wall is equipped with DIY elf stockings so that it looks more festive at Christmas celebrations. This elf stocking has a color combination of green, red and white so that it presents a quite festive look. Three Tone Elf Stocking from @rockinstockins.

Incorporating elf stockings in Christmas decorations will present an interesting look. These elf stockings have a Christmas themed pattern which makes them look very attractive. Hanging it on the mantle will make the Christmas decoration even more festive. Dad and Mom Stocking from @dee_clingan.

Reindeer Stocking

Very interesting. These stockings are made with a DIY project using felt material so they are very safe for children. Having reindeer, star and snow ball accents will make it look very festive at this year’s Christmas celebration. Felt Reindeer Sticking from @salnitroma.

These brown stockings have a reindeer theme so they look adorable and perfect for Christmas decorations. Hanging it on the wall will make your wall stand out even more and be the perfect focal point. Brown Reindeer Sticking from @craftedbyjuju.

Made by sewing, making these stockings look perfect and very durable. Having a reindeer theme makes it absolutely perfect for Christmas decorations. Water you can hang it anywhere so it will be exposed very well. Sewing Reindeer Stocking from @2.little_birds.

This stocking is made with a DIY project using a reindeer theme so it will look great at Christmas celebrations. The white and brown color combination on this stocking makes it look like a real reindeer. Brown and White Reindeer Stocking from @jecoupeco.

The fabric that is assembled into a stocking looks interesting for a Christmas decoration idea. Equipped with a reindeer accent that is sewn on these stockings will make it look more attractive. DIY Fabric Reindeer Sticking from @soul.sister.creation.


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